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 Q&A: How to Convert Rural Routes to New Street Addresses Using Address Object

LACSLink™ was developed in response to local 911 systems to convert business and residential rural route addresses to street-style addresses. These permanent address conversions typically involve renumbering and renaming rural route, highway route and box numbers as city-style addresses. But how would you know if LACSLink was actually working properly with Address Object?

Question: The LACSLink properties do not show any results. How do I tell if LACSLink is working correctly?

Before you initialize Address Object by calling InitializeDataFiles(), simply call the PathToLACSLinkDataFiles property like you would for SetPathToUSFiles. If there are any problems with your LACSLink data files, InitializeDataFiles() will fail. If InitializeDataFiles() passes, that means you have initialized LACSLink correctly. Once you have LACSLink initialized, the LACSLink properties (LacsLinkIndicator and LacsReturnCode) will return results only when the entered address is a LACS address.

The LACS property is actually not a LACSLink property, but an AddressCheck property. This property will return an “L” if the entered address is a LACS address. You do not need the LACSLink add-on for this property to be populated, but you do need the add-on for the LACSLink conversion to take place. This property can be useful to determine if you have a significant number of LACS addresses and help you decide whether to enable the LACSLink option.

Here is an example of the results of Address Object:

RR 2 BOX 274
Lake Butler, FL 32054

(1) Without the LACSLink Add-on

Address = RR 2 BOX 274
City = Lake Butler
State = FL
Zip = 32054
Plus4 = 9631
Lacs = L
LacsLinkIndicator =
LacsReturnCode =

(2) With the LACSLink Add-on

Address = 11911 SW COUNTY ROAD 239A
City = Lake Butler
State = FL
Zip = 32054
Plus4 = 8405
Lacs = L
LacsLinkIndicator = Y
LacsReturnCode = A

FYI - Once an address has been converted through the LACSLink system, the original RR or Hwy. address will only be deliverable for one year following its conversion. After that, the USPS will only deliver the mail piece to the new, city-type street address.

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