Your Media Property: Refurbish It
By Matt Magee & Doug Reynolds, PJA Advertising + Marketing

"Thanks to the new ways content can be published and shared online, you can give your company site some of the power of a media property," say Matt Magee and Doug Reynolds of PJA Advertising + Marketing. The trick is to develop content for your Web site that users seek out, consume, and share. In their view, it should be:

Useful. Give visitors something of true value: white papers, advice, tutorials, tools, widgets or helpful links.

Unique. Offer content they won't get anywhere else -- for instance, your specialized insight as an industry expert, or highlights from a customer roundtable.

Credible. Develop an independent, authentic voice that doesn't shill for your company's agenda. An authoritative third party contributor can be invaluable in this regard.

Fresh. Update frequently; focus on social media mainstays like blogs, podcasts and user reviews -- not stiff press releases.

Entertaining. Capture a visitor's imagination, or tickle her funny bone. There's no telling how viral your content can get, if, say, you use video.

The Po!nt: Say Magee and Reynolds, "Make your company site more like a media property with content your customers find truly valuable, and they'll not only start using your site differently, they'll also start thinking differently about your brand."

Source: Get to the Po!nt MarketingProfs June 18, 2008 newsletter (
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