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Clean Connections March 2017
Meet Melissa: Data-Driven Solutions for Global Intelligence

With a renewed focus on broadened solutions to drive better overall business intelligence from every point in the data chain, we’re excited to announce that we’re dropping “Data” from our name. Say hello to Melissa! This name change is part of a new branding effort to reflect Melissa’s growth, and more importantly, the changes in the data quality space. While authoritative data sources power our products and services, we also want to continue developing new solutions that deliver better business intelligence—like new identity verification services and industry-specific solutions to support Know Your Customer initiatives, risk management, and compliance. Our new website provides a simpler, more intuitive navigation that highlights our full roster of global intelligence services and solutions, while our new logo features design emphasis on the ‘I’ for intelligence.

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Leverage Data, Insight, and Action in the Contact Zone

What do you get when you combine Melissa’s full spectrum of data quality solutions and Pentaho® Data Integration tools? Welcome to the Contact Zone. Contact Zone makes profiling, cleansing, updating and matching your data as easy as pie.

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Clean Thought of the Month

“Did you know that, for most companies, 69% of corporate data is not being utilized to drive revenue? That’s a lot of potential going to waste! Solutions like Contact Zone can help you manage this otherwise useless data.”

Polygon Shape Output for Property Data

Melissa’s Property Web Service now provides polygon shape string plotting for precise geographic coordinates and better analytics and decision making. The input points describe the shape by listing the latitude/longitude of each point in WKT (Well Known Text) format, which you can then plot on a map to define territories and jurisdictions.

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BusinessCoder Returns Contact Info and Job Titles to Optimize B2B Marketing

BusinessCoder’s crucial firmographic business data empowers your business and makes your data dynamic. Business records are enriched with data that drives valuable insight to help you identify your best prospects. With the addition of contact information and job titles on 25 million records, you’ll spend more time connecting and less time researching.

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Undeliverable-As-Addressed Mail: A Global Problem Worth Solving

Working with clean, optimized contact data is the key to solving the Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail challenge. Read Melissa’s article in the February issue of Mailing Systems Technology, which discusses the global challenges of UAA mail and what you can do to prevent it, streamline operations, and improve targeted marketing efforts.

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Know Your People Data is Clean and Reliable with Listware for Excel

Do you trust your People Data? Let Tony Deacon, a Melissa Senior Tech Support Specialist, show you how easy it is to verify, update, and enrich the address, email, phone and name data in your customer records using Listware. Watch the on-demand WebClinic now..

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Getting Started with MAILERS+4

Join Peter Handfield, the Quality Assurance Team Leader, on March 23 to get a crash course in MAILERS+4 postal automation software. This USPS® CASS™ and PAVE Certified™ software verifies and standardizes U.S. and Canadian addresses, removes duplicates, processes for change-of-address, and presorts mail.

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