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Clean Connections July 2016
Enrich Your Database with Info on 25+ Million Companies—10,000 Free Updates

Empower your business contacts by adding firmographics. Access over 25 million multisourced records to transform ordinary B2B data into actionable data. Use Promo Code: BCSpringPromo through July 31, 2016.

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New Global Server Locations Drive Efficiency & Protection to Meet Rising Verification Demands

Melissa Data anticipates up to a 1,400% increase in web-based verification requests from countries such as Germany, China, and Australia. Our global server expansion strategy helps meet the needs with locations throughout the world.

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Clean Thought of the Month

Up to 2% of records in a customer database become obsolete in just one month as people move, change jobs, get married, divorce, or die.

MAT: Get Location-Related Insight on Every U.S. Address for Analytics, Marketing & First Responder Use

MAT (Master Address Table) is our accurate, detailed database of information on more than 182 million U.S. addresses. Plus, get geographic info such as rooftop lat/long and more.

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Global Opportunities & Challenges - Free Magazine

Tackle lucrative global opportunities (and challenges). Our magazine is loaded with data quality solutions, insight, and free trials to grow in a global economy.

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