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Clean Connections December 2016
Take Control of Fraud this Holiday Season

As you brace yourself for the end of this year’s retail selling season, don’t neglect your cyber security. According to a study by LexisNexis, merchants pay $3.10 in costs for each dollar of fraud losses they incur. Learn how to boost savings this year, and in the new, with our blog series:

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Little Cart Lost: Melissa Data's Answer to Shopping Cart Abandonment

Every business has its own set of complexities, but the digital age seems to have made browsing for merchandise a never-ending perusal rather than a cut-and-dried sale. Cart abandonment is high for everyone, nearing 70%. Find out the biggest reason shoppers abandon their purchases .

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Clean Thought of the Month

Keep your data, and your wallet, green with accurate data. Go green when you implement change-of-address processing. Learn how in our video!

TopConnector App: Get Unrestricted Access to 110 Million U.S. Properties!

Gain unlimited access to data on virtually every U.S. property and owner in all 50 states. See every angle easily, just by touching the map on your iPhone. Plus, this special update brings a full redesign with the new 3D flyover mode. View 360 degrees of every property!

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Webinar: Learn How to Manipulate Your Data with a High Degree of Customization

Melissa Data’s new cleanser for Pentaho® Data Integration is a component that cleans and validates your data, regardless of the data type. Thursday, Dec 15, 2:00p EST, 11:00a PST

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WebClinic: Simplifying and Centralizing Universal Data Quality in SSIS

There are many solutions and techniques for employing common forms of data cleansing. In SSIS however, it becomes tedious and complicated to achieve. Learn techniques in generalized data cleansing and how they can be easily implemented in SSIS.


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