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How the Usability of Your Data Could Translate to Billions in Revenue
This is mind-blowing. A 10 percent increase in the usability of enterprise data could translate to $2 billion (BILLION!) in additional revenue every year. So says a recent study by Sybase, Inc. and the University of Texas. The study details how improvements in data efficiency can lead to measurable financial gain. See how much you can reap in due to better quality data.
Check out the numbers here.

2 Ways to Improve Your Data Quality Efforts on a Tight Budget
Forgoing a data quality management program to tighten the belt in rough economic times is probably not the best strategic plan. And it could even hurt your organization’s competitive edge when the economy gets better. David Loshin, one of the most recognized experts in information management, shares his tips on how to improve data quality on a tight budget. Read More

What Percentage of Your Contact Data is Flawed? Speaking of identifying data quality issues, we’re offering our own version of a data quality assessment, called the Data Quality Challenge. How it works – we’ll provide you with a free data analysis so you can uncover data quality issues, at no risk or cost to your company. Try it out  See what percentage of your contact data is incorrect, outdated or redundant.


Protect Against Fraud, Waste and Excess Costs
Clean your database of inaccurate and undeliverable addresses with Address Object – a component of the Data Quality Suite. This multiplatform API will parse, standardize and verify U.S. and Canadian addresses against the USPS database and the latest Canada Post address data file. For a free trial,
click here

What You Need to Know to Create a Data Management “Slam Dunk”
The message is clear – securing a strategic view of your enterprise data through a unified data management platform is your organization’s slam dunk. A new eBook, “The Data Management Slam Dunk: A Unified Integrated Platform” from Information Management and Talend* details why it’s critical for businesses to find an effective means of data governance. We’ll breakdown the eBook’s findings, focusing first on data quality and profiling.  Read More

| Going Global
The Rise of Data Quality’s Globalization
As more companies diversify and grow their businesses by expanding into global markets – so has the need for companies to delve into international data quality. Is your organization one of them?  Read More

| Developers Corner
How to Achieve Total Data Quality at Blazing Fast Speed
Melissa Data's recently launched the Contact Verification Server (CVS) – a turnkey on-premise data quality appliance that incorporates five WebSmart services for contact data verification and enrichment – namely address, phone, and email verification, name parsing, geocoding.  Read More

| Real-Life Application
PCI Utilizes Melissa Data’s WebSmart to Streamline Operations
PCI did something amazing. The alumni engagement firm moved from a process of manually contacting customers to update and verify their information, to a real-time Web-based solution to improve data quality and operational efficiency. Find out how they accomplished that task.

Also, if you’d like to share your experiences with Melissa Data’s address quality products and services, we’d love to hear from you! We’ll take care of everything, and you approve the final copy. We promise it’s quick and easy. Email us at if you’re interested.

| Webinars
Address Cleansing in SAP: Integration of REST Web Services
With the rapid change of data combined with a need for accurate information delivered in a timely and efficient manner, many companies are looking at ways to integrate contact data verification into their CRM systems to prevent bad address, phone and email data from entering the database at point of data entry.

During this webinar, Forrest Horner and Chris Twirbutt of the County of Sacramento & Melissa Data will show you how they integrated real-time Web serviced based address verification into SAP, and specific design considerations to be aware of. View the webinar on-demand

| Cool Insights
“As the volume of data continues to grow, organizations of all sizes must confront the challenges around managing, analyzing and mobilizing data in new ways.”

-- Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and CMO, Sybase, Inc.

About Melissa Data Corp.
Melissa Data is a total solutions provider of direct mail, marketing and data quality tools. Melissa Data helps companies acquire and retain customers, validate and enhance contact data, improve marketing ROI, and save money on postage and mail processing. Since 1985, Melissa Data has helped companies like the FBI, Northrop Grumman, AAA, Safeway, and the Atlanta Braves improve customer communications.   |    1-800-MELISSA (635.4772)    |



January 2011

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The Usability of Enterprise Data
Improve Your Data Quality Efforts
Is Your Contact Data is Flawed?
A Data Management Slam Dunk
Global Data Quality
Achieve Total Data Quality
PCI Streamlines Operations
Address Cleansing in SAP

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Identify the gender makeup of your contact data. Download a free trial of Name Object.

Verify, update and correct U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.
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Add precise geo-location information on 95% of U.S. addresses. Download a free trial of Geocoder Object

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