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The Data Advisor, January 2013

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 Best Practices
Going Beyond Simple Data Cleansing

Go Beyond Simple Data Cleansing So in your database, a customer, John Smith, is associated with this address: 100 Main Street, Anytown, California 92688. You’ve verified that his address exists and is deliverable, but how do we know Mr. Smith still lives there? Or that he ever lived there? The same goes for the telephone numbers in John Smith’s record, and his email address, as well. Here’s a quick case for why you should go beyond the call of simple data validation.

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Personator from Melissa Data Moving Beyond Simple Data Cleansing: Full Contact Data Quality

While cleansing each data element is the first and most essential step, the definition of good quality data certainly doesn’t end there. The secret to more accurate data is to look beyond individual fields, and collectively consider an entire record as a whole – associating every element with the others. Doing this not only ensures that the data is clean, but that in fact, the information is truly reliable. This month’s webcast will show you how better data quality can be achieved through actual implementation examples using Melissa Data’s Personator – an integrated data quality Web service.

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 Developer's Corner
Introducing … Global Geocoding

Global Geocoding from Melissa Data Melissa Data now provides geocoding capabilities for international countries including Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Germany, New Zealand, and Russia. Geocoding assigns lat/long coordinates to addresses and incorporates spatial data to get the most accurate rooftop geocoding available.

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 The Data Quality Authority Blog
Elliot King Why Business Rules Rule
By Elliot King

Often the first step in a data quality program is to consolidate an organization’s business rules. Data can then be audited according to the complete set of rules, mistakes can be defined and corrected, or the rule in question can be refined.

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 Case Study
Symmetry Determines Proper Tax Withholding Using Rooftop Geocoding

Symmetry Software specializes in payroll withholding tax solutions. Every week, millions of paychecks are issued using Symmetry Software products. Those checks must have the correct taxes taken out based on the codes of school districts, municipalities and states. That means Symmetry Software needs accurate addresses. Read our new case study (as published in Directions Magazine) which explains how Melissa Data’s rooftop geocoding is part of the solution.

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For more information on Symmetry’s Payroll Point®, click here.

 Products & Services Spotlight
Easily Verify & Correct Data Using SQL Server Integration Services

Data Quality Components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Check out this recent review of Melissa Data’s Data Quality Components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) on, a popular SQL Server-specific website. The comprehensive review includes screenshots showing how to easily install and set up our components – and validate information stored in many different formats.

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 Ask Our Experts
Q: What is the Golden Record? Joseph Vertido, MD-MVP Channel Manager/Data Quality Analyst

A: The Golden Record (or as others refer to as the Surviving Record) is a single accurate view or representation of the truth for each entity in your data. You can have a Joseph Vertido living in 123 Main St and a Joseph Vertido living in 223 Santa Monica Blvd, however only one of them is the correct address for Joseph. And that should be your Golden Record.

 About Melissa Data
Melissa Data is a world leader in contact data verification solutions. Melissa Data’s data quality software, plug-ins, and developer tools verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance and update U.S., Canadian, and global contact data. More than 5,000 companies rely on Melissa Data to gain a single, accurate, and trusted view of critical information assets.  |  1-800-MELISSA (635.4772)  |

  In This Issue
Going Beyond Simple Data Cleansing
Full Contact Data Quality Webinar
Introducing … Global Geocoding
Why Business Rules Rule
Symmetry Case Study
Verify & Correct Data Using SSIS

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