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Come Visit Us at Upcoming Conferences

Visit Melissa Data at upcoming conferences.
A lot has been going on at Melissa Data, including a conference-packed beginning to 2014. Look for us this month and April at high-profile and niche conferences throughout the United States after a successful completion of shows in Europe and Asia—from Berlin and Munich to London and Mumbai. What’s next? NEDRA in March and Collaborate 14 in April.


Focus on Partners

Profisee Delivers First-Rate Data Services to Microsoft MD Services Customers

Visit Melissa Data at upcoming conferences.
We are pleased to shine the light on one of our partners - Profisee, a MDM software company specializing in the Microsoft Master Data Services platform. Our partnership began nearly three years ago "as a completion of Profisee's 2011 product roadmap" for its Master Data Maestro software suite.


Best Practices

Take Your Data Quality to the Next Level

Data Quality Uplift
Keeping names and address up to date on your mind? Adding missing data with correct information a concern? Take the worry out of contact data quality with Personator's Data Quality Uplift, the next-generation, cloud-based data quality solution. It keeps your data current, verified and clean in a world of "big data" where each name, address, email and phone number counts. Think about dynamic matching and technology that surpasses basic address validation. That's Data Quality Uplift!

Webinars & Product Demos

Express Entry - On Demand
Never Enter a Bad Address Again

Express Entry On Demand Product DemoIf you missed the live product demo of our cloud-based service Express Entry, it's available at your convenience On Demand. Take the opportunity to discover how to validate addresses as they're entered and reduce keystrokes by 50% with a type-ahead functionality that makes it all possible.

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Data Quality Is All the Talk

SSWUG interviews Melissa Data's Joseph VertidoData Quality gets a lot of attention. Who hasn't talked about the critical importance of accurate data during lunch, around the water cooler or at meetings? SSWUGtv interviewed Melissa Data's Joseph Vertido, Data Quality Analyst, about topics from ETL plug-ins to global data fuzzy matching. Find out more about our solutions to data quality and data quality globalization.

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Products & Services Spotlight

Going Global? Global Data Quality Suite Answers a Growing Need

Global Data Quality Suite
Global data is bigger. We can make it better. Get the convenience of a global bundled solution for accurate, current and consistent contact data for more than 240 countries and territories. Global Data Quality Suite tools get results: accurate and timely deliveries, cost reduction and improved customer service. Try Global Data Quality Suite.

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The Data Quality Authority Blog

Justifying Data Quality Management

By David Loshin

Justifying Data Quality Management by David Loshin
Feel like data is out of control? Data Quality Management is the answer. BI analyst David Loshin pinpoints five data quality management themes that drive home the importance of ensuring high data quality, which can result in improved operational efficiency.

Ask Our Experts

Allison Moon, Data Quality Tools Software EngineerQ: I’m using the Global Web Service to validate my addresses, but I want to be able to get the address lines without the area information (like locality and administrative area). Instead of re-constructing the street information from the parsed out fields, is there an easier way of retrieving this information?

A: Our Global Web Service, by default, will return all the necessary elements of an address needed for mailing. This includes the thoroughfare (street) information, administrative area (state), locality (city), postal code, country name, and any other fields that are necessary for that country’s specific format. We developed the Global Web Service with mailing customers in mind. Each country builds their address structure in different ways and we wanted to automatically return the address in the formats necessary.

However, many of our customers expressed difficulty in extracting the thoroughfare information from the area information because of the varying formats in the address lines. We’ve listened to the feedback and have recently added a new request option, DELIVERYLINES.

To enable this functionality, simply add “DELIVERYLINES:ON” to the web service’s request options. This will enforce only the delivery lines (i.e. thoroughfare information) to be returned in the Address Lines 1-8 fields. With this option enabled, it will be easier to extract thoroughfare information from the web service response.

We hope this new feature answers the requests we have received about simplifying the address format. This new option will make it easier for those who are looking to store the thoroughfare information separate from the area information.

If you have any other feedback on our products or features that you would like to see, feel free to visit our website and drop a note by clicking on ‘Contact Us’. We love to hear what our customers think and any improvements that we can make to our products to improve their experience.
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Get rid of duplicate records in one fell swoop for a more accurate view of your customer data with MatchUp.
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Get instant validation of address, email and more with Personator!
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