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The Data Advisor, May 2013

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 Best Practices
What Data Quality Solutions Mean in the
Real World

Data quality is a hot topic these days because of an increasing awareness of clean data's positive impact on the bottom line. Organizations with standardized and verified contact data save money on shipping and direct mail costs; they formulate effective business strategies and marketing campaigns based on accurate data, and their customers experience high levels of satisfaction. Here's what four executives had to say about the data quality solutions they rely on, and what benefits they have experienced.

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Geocoding 101: How to Acquire Location Data to Improve Business Decisions

Most geographic information systems rely on good geospatial data. The coverage, precision, and accuracy of latitude and longitude coordinates define the effectiveness of mapping systems, dealer locator, radius searches, and so on. In this presentation, learn about the different levels of accuracy available - from ZIP code centroid to delivery point, and what drives the high precision of Melissa Data's geocoding solutions.

Register now for this webcast. Event airs May 22 at 2PM EST!!

 Developer's Corner
How to Solve Common Data Quality Problems Using Data Quality Services
Data Quality Services
Check out this new article on how to solve common data quality problems using Data Quality Services (DQS) from one of our Melissa Data MVP's, Paras Doshi. The article features simple instructions and is very easy to follow.

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 The Data Quality Authority Blog
David Loshin Using Data Quality Tools for Classification
By David Loshin

Hierarchical classification schemes are great for scanning through unstructured text for identifying critical pieces of information that can be mapped to an organized analytical profile. To enable this scanning capability, you will need two pieces of technology. BI analyst David Loshin explains.

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 Products & Services Spotlight
Change Undeliverable Email Addresses into Deliverable Emails
Email Object
Imagine this scenario: your emails keep getting blacklisted - or worse, your emails bounce back - a telltale sign that it's an unreachable prospect, or that you have an invalid or inaccurate email address. Here's what you need to do.

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 Ask Our Experts
Q: Melissa Data offers a lot of products in both web service form and locally hosted API form. Is one better than the other? Allison Moon, Data Quality Analyst

A: We provide our products in different flavors to fit many different business needs so it really depends on what your solution requirements are. Both options are beneficial in their own right. The Web Service version is best for users who don't want to maintain the data and API updates. Itís also the most flexible to integrate into existing applications because its only dependence is constructing, then sending a Web service request, and parsing the response.

The API, however, allows for faster verifications because it would be locally hosted on your end and doesn't rely on a call and response from our servers. However, you would need to maintain the data and API updates. Many businesses who work under the health sector need to be HIPAA compliant, which means no customer/patient data can leave their facility. This is where the APIs are the solution to choose since the verification would all be accomplished in-house. These are a few benefits to each technologic option, but for more insight on what solution may fit your needs, feel free to contact our sales department at 1-800-MELISSA opt 3.

 About Melissa Data
Melissa Data is a world leader in contact data verification solutions. Melissa Data's data quality software, plug-ins, and developer tools verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance and update U.S., Canadian, and global contact data. More than 5,000 companies rely on Melissa Data to gain a single, accurate, and trusted view of critical information assets.  |  1-800-MELISSA (635.4772)  |

  In This Issue
Data Quality in the Real World
Geocoding 101 Webinar
Solve Problems Using DQS
Data Quality Tools for Classification
Change Undeliverable Emails

  Company Bytes
Melissa Data Launches the Global Data Quality Suite
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 Data Quality Catalog
Melissa Data's New Data Quality Catalog Has Arrived!

          Data Quality Catalog
Check out all our new data quality and data integration products and solutions in our brand new catalog!

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