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The Impact of Poor Quality Data
Inaccurate, outdated and incomplete data is bad for business, especially in terms of profitability and competitive advantage. What are the consequences of relying on poor quality data? Claudia Imhoff, one of the most recognized experts in BI and analytics, shares her insight – and offers tips on how to improve your data quality.
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How Data Can Be Correct, But Not Right 
So you validated your data, but does that mean that your data’s also verified? Validation means that the data adheres to a specified and expected format. For instance, all your phone numbers are 10 digits, or your address contains a five-digit ZIP Code. Your data is valid. But while it may look accurate – that may not be the case.
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Get Property, Mortgage Data on Over 140 Million U.S. Properties
Our new WebSmart Property service accesses the most comprehensive property and mortgage data available. Get over 165 data fields including: parcel and owner name, phone number and address, square footage, zoning, and current and prior sale information. Updated weekly.

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Big Data Processing: Are You Ready?
The escalating popularity of social networking sites, retail tracking, and use of complex technology and machines has generated an influx of fresh data. As a result, organizations are looking to establish new management techniques to process this large-scale unstructured data – known as big data processing.   Read more.

Developers Corner
Are You A Dupe Detective?
If you’ve got a duplicate record problem (who doesn’t), there’s a way you can be a Sherlock Holmes and crack the case of the data doppelgangers.
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Real-Life Application
HealthLink Combats Constantly Changing Data with Verification Tools
Healthcare-related data is notorious for constantly changing and stagnating over time. Physicians move, change practices, and retire. With so much of this data to collect, HealthLink Dimensions needed a contact data verification solution – stat! How did they pump life into their data management efforts?
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Twitter adds 12 terabytes of data every day, according to TechSpot. That’s a huge amount of data!

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June 2011

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The Impact of Poor Quality Data
Data Validation vs. Data Verification
Big Data Processing: Ready?
Are You a Dupe Detective?
HealthLink Combats Changing Data

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