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6 Notorious ZIP Codes: Test Your Knowledge

6 Notorious Zip Codes
This infographic paints a fun picture of six ZIPs to remember. What’s the most famous ZIP Code, most expensive ZIP, or most dangerous ZIP in the U.S.? Each ZIP number tells a story. Writer Ivan Serrano knows the background of our postal codes. What’s your ZIP IQ?


Growing Global Conference to Bring Together eCommerce Merchants

Growing Global Conference to Bring Together eCommerce Merchants.
Melissa Data’s global expertise will be featured at the first Growing Global Conference July 15-16 in Long Beach, CA, sponsored by Multichannel Merchant. Melissa Data Director of Global Sales and Alliances Charles Gaddy will address the topic: "Getting the Package Delivered--the Challenges of Global Data and Addressing." Visit us at the conference--at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel.

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Focus on Partners

EXTOL Teams with Melissa Data to Solve Data Quality Challenges for Businesses

EXTOL Teams up with Melissa Data to Solve Data Quality Challenges
We are pleased to introduce our new strategic relationship with EXTOL International, Inc., a provider of end-to-end business integration software and services. The partnership will allow more intelligent use of customer contact data for better segmentation, targeting, fraud detection, and identity verification. EXTOL and Melissa Data users will benefit from the option to access the powerful tools of each leading company. EXTOL enables seamless data quality operations in tandem with electronic data interchange (EDI) and other integrated business processes. Sign up for the Extol webinar on June 24. See Webinars.

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Webinars & Product Demos

Listware for Excel: Live Product Demo

Listware for Excel: Live Product DemoLearn how Listware--Melissa Data’s free Excel add-in--enables real-time data cleansing and updating of names, addresses, phones, and emails. It’s an effortless Excel interface that delivers powerful, expanded results for all types of lists--customer, prospect, vendor, donor, or membership. Learn more from Data Quality Analyst Tim Sidor on Wednesday, June 11 at 2 p.m. EST.

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SSIS Expert Series: Performing Data-Driven Parsing

SSIS Expert Series: Performing Data-Driven ParsingDoes parsing of addresses, phone numbers, and names seem too daunting? In this webinar with Data Quality Analyst Joseph Vertido, learn the best way to avoid problems and complications in parsing, find out about undelimited single-string parsing, and how to use Melissa Data’s SSIS component to ease data-driven parsing. Wednesday, June 18 at 2 p.m. EST.

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Melissa Data & Scribe Software: When Good Data Goes Bad: How to Quickly Identify and Easily Fix Bad Data

Melissa Data and Scribe Software: When Good Data Goes BadJoin us for an educational webinar in conjunction with our new partner Scribe Software, a global data integration solutions provider. Learn how to correct and update contact information, add missing data, and attain complete, correct and current contact data using Melissa Data’s Personator. By the end of the webinar you’ll understand the 6 Cs--the benefits of data quality. Bad data costs U.S. businesses about $611 billion annually. Find out how to avoid the downhill spiral caused by bad data. Thursday, June 12 at 2 p.m. EDT.

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Melissa Data & EXTOL Inc.: How to Seamlessly Cleanse and Enrich Your Customer Data

Melissa Data and EXTOL Inc.: How to Seamlessly Cleanse and Enrich Your Customer DataDon’t be among the companies that may have an estimated 25% of data that’s inaccurate. The cause: contact data continually changing, migrating data from different sources, and other challenging factors. Melissa Data and EXTOL International Inc., a provider of business integration software and services, will explain how to correct, clean, update, and complete your contact data to improve customer communications, increase marketing ROI, and create better growth opportunities. Tuesday, June 24 at 1 p.m. EST.

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Best Practices

Demystify International Addresses with Anxiety-Relieving Guidelines

Demystify International Addresses with Anxiety-Relieving Guidelines
Learn the differences and similarities between U.S. and international addresses to make business life easier. To begin: Let go of assumptions. Whether using a modest budget or building ground-up, Melissa Data Director of Research and Development Phillip Ljubicich will help remove any angst with his recent presentation at DRIVE 2014.

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Customer Collaborations

Good Addresses Drive Cost Savings for County of Sacramento

Good Addresses Drive Cost Savings for Sacramento
The collaboration of product and need is a Melissa Data specialty. Our address correction Web service played a role in helping the County of Sacramento optimize customer appointments and save 5,000 fewer driving miles per year (or $50,000 to $100,000). The County’s video explains how. Watch now. Interested in free product trials? Learn more.
Products & Services Spotlight

Get 100% Accuracy for U.S. and Global Contacts with Express Entry

Get 100% Accuracy for U.S. and Global Contacts with Express Entry
Express Entry Web service keeps bad address data out of your database right at the point of entry. It’s fast--50% fewer keystrokes required with this address auto-completion tool for U.S. and international address verification. Find out how Express Entry can improve customer online experience and help your business save time and money with a free trial.

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The Data Quality Authority Blog

Customer Touch Points and Exchange of Value

By David Loshin

Customer Touch Points and Exchange of Value by David Loshin
Each customer interaction is an opportunity whether the interaction is a purchase, a complaint, a query, or a customer payment. Customer touch points offer a chance to evaluate, improve, and receive value from customer exchanges.

Ask Our Experts

Patrick Bayne, Data Quality Tools Software EngineerQ: I have undelimited or free-form contact data that I need to parse, standardize, and correct. How can I quickly and easily accomplish this?

A: In the past this has proven to be a tedious undertaking that often involved a lot of trial and error as well as some manual intervention to get address data correctly parsed.

This is not the case anymore. We have recently introduced a new feature in Contact Zone 4.2. The new function allows the ability to parse and correct undelimited data through the Personator component of Contact Zone. If you are not yet familiar with Contact Zone, it is a drag-and-drop GUI tool that offers a myriad of connectors and transformations to extract your data, transform it in some manner, and load the data where you need it. Included connectors are able to extract data from nearly anywhere: flat files; Excel files; and even many popular database formats.

By using the Personator component, you can feed in your undelimited data where the component is able to accurately and quickly split the incoming information into its proper fields. It does this by harnessing the power of our specific domain knowledge or knowledge about names, address, phone numbers, and emails. In addition, Personator can update incomplete records by adding missing information such as names, phones, emails, and geocodes. Coming soon, it will even append demographic information such as birth date, income, marital status, length of residence, presence of children, occupation, and homeowner or renter status.

Within minutes, Contact Zone permits you to introduce accurate, reliable, and updated data into your business, which saves time, resources, and money. If you have other questions on ways Melissa Data’s powerful data quality solutions can help your business, please send us your questions by visiting our website and clicking on "Contact Us" option.
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Get your database sorted out for increased response rate with name parsing through Name Object tool.
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