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Clean and Enrich Contact Data in Listware® for Salesforce®

Clean and Enrich Contact Data in Listware for Salesforce
Gain more confidence in your customer and prospect contact data with Melissa Data’s powerful new plug-in for’s CRM software. Listware® for Salesforce® cleanses, verifies, cross-matches contact records (global address, name, phone, and email) as well as enriches records with U.S. property/mortgage data. And, that’s only a starter on how it can help improve customer communications and marketing efforts.

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Melissa Data Wins Industry Praise for
Data Quality Leadership

Melissa Data Wins Industry Praise for Data Quality Leadership
Melissa Data has doubled up on industry honors with an accolade for Top 100 data companies and a three-peat tribute for innovation and leadership. For the second consecutive year we were named to the DBTA 100--Database Trends and Applications magazine’s list of companies that matter most in data. For the third year in a row SD Times 100 acknowledged Melissa Data among firms demonstrating technical innovation and leadership.


New Mobile App Gives You Property Data Access

New Mobile App Gives You Property Data Access On-the-Go
Property Data Book, developed by Mobile Data Books LLC and powered by Melissa Data’s Web services, provides a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable business tool for realtors, investors, lenders, and any business that needs quick access to over 110 million U.S. properties. Information includes comprehensive details on residential and commercial properties as well as land. Find out more about how this mobile cloud solution can save you time, provide instant access to property information, and serve as a research tool--no subscription required. Version 1.1 of the app for iPhones and iPads is available from the App Store.

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Focus on Partners

NetzTurm Partnership Adds New Shopware Tool
for E-commerce

NetzTurm Partnership Adds New Shopware Tool for E-commerce
Our new partnership with NetzTurm GmbH, a service provider for the implementation of online stores, search engine optimization, and Web design, ushers in an exclusive partnership for data quality in Shopware-based e-commerce sites. The alliance has produced a new data quality plug-in for Shopware that offers real-time global address verification based on Melissa Data’s Global Address Verification capabilities for more than 240 countries and territories. The benefit to online merchants: better customer data for reduction in shipping costs; elimination of online fraud; and more.


Webinars & Product Demos

Listware® for Excel®: Live Demo

Listware for Excel: Live DemoLearn the capabilities of Listware for Excel in this interactive demonstration. Listware helps grow your business by ensuring your contacts are accurate and complete, which also improves customer communications. Find out how to clean name, address, telephone, and email information, update addresses of customers who have moved, add missing contact data, and geocode postal addresses. Presenter: Tim Sidor, data quality analyst. Wednesday, July 16 at 2 p.m. EST.

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Express Entry®: Desktop Edition Unveiled as Address Completion Tool

Express Entry: Address Completion ToolBe among the first to learn about our new Express Entry desktop edition, another way to utilize Express Entry, a Web service that auto completes U.S. and international addresses at point of entry to verify and standardize addresses. It’s a perfect tool—fast and easy to use--for CRM, call center applications, and e-commerce. We also are announcing our Magento and Shopware e-commerce platforms for Express Entry through our partnerships with CraftyClicks and NetzTurm GmbH. Presenter: Edward Dombrowski, data quality analyst. Wednesday, July 23 at 2 p.m. EST.

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SmartMover® V3: Live Product Demo for U.S. and Canadian Addresses

SmartMover V3: Live Product DemoAbout 40 million Americans and businesses move each year. And, between 16-18% of Canadians move annually. Contact data is vulnerable to erosion over time, including changes of address. Our newest version of SmartMover keeps U.S. and Canadian contact data current. Join our data quality analyst Peter Brown to learn how SmartMover keeps track of your customers, increases your deliverables, and saves you money on postage. Also, gain insight into the differences between NCOALink® (U.S.) and CCOA (Canada) changes-of-address options. Wednesday, July 30 at 2 p.m. EST.

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Best Practices

5 Questions to Ask About Your Customers’ Locations

5 Questions to Ask About Your Customers' Locations
Location intelligence is more than a state of mind. Our white paper--Geocoding: Acquiring Location Intelligence to Make Better Business Decisions--will answer pertinent geocoding questions and explain the different types of geocoding that can benefit your business. If you want to know how to deliver the most relevant content to a mobile phone user, geocoding can help. If you want to discover patterns to help you create new opportunities, geocoding is your tool. Gain better customer insight, strengthen marketing campaigns, and increase sales and marketing effectiveness.

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Products & Services Spotlight

Organize Contact Data to Prevent Costly Errors

Organize Contact Data with RightFielder
Whip your contacts into shape with a data quality tool (free-form contact parsing). Often, the problem with contact data is that it is improperly fielded in the database. Why not convert contact data chaos into accurately fielded data for a standardized database? RightFielder® is a data quality tool that provides a solution for putting names, addresses, phones, and emails in to properly fielded categories.

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The Data Quality Authority Blog

Know Thy Customer

Know Thy Customer by David Loshin By David Loshin

Successful customer relationships are in the details. Go beyond location data. Look at the customer’s decision-making process. David Loshin shares his insights.

Ask Our Experts

Admound Chou, Product Development Manager - Data Quality SolutionsQ: Melissa Data’s Global Address Web service has a number of input fields. Which ones should I use?

A: You are correct, the Global Address Web service does have a number of different input fields, and most users will likely only use some of them. This is the case because global address data can come in many different forms and we try to accommodate as many forms as we can.

The input fields can be thought of as two different groups: 1) AddressLines which are AddressLine1 through AddressLine8 and; 2) Parsed fields which are the remaining fields like locality or postal code. The general rule of thumb is to use the AddressLines for the delivery address and the parsed fields for the area information if you are confident that you have the area information parsed out correctly. Otherwise, just use the AddressLines only.

For example, if you have a column for locality and a column for postal code, and you are confident that they do, in fact, contain locality and postal code, then map them to the input locality and postal code fields. However, if they sometimes contain locality/postal code and possibly other information, map them as an additional AddressLine instead.

In addition to this information, also keep in mind the minimum requirements. The input address should have at least one AddressLine and must have the country input field filled in as well.

If you have any other questions or feedback on our products or features that you would like to see, feel free to visit our website and drop a note by clicking on ‘Contact Us.’ We love to hear what our customers think and any improvements that we can make to our products to improve their experience.
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Help make better business decisions by pinpointing customer & business locations with U.S. and international geocoding--latitude/longitude tool for better understanding of customers and prospects.
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