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By Bud Walker
Director of Data Quality Solutions

Bud Walker, Director of Data Quality Solutions

As Melissa Data celebrates its 30th anniversary, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new Profiler Object (also available as an SSIS component). The addition of our data profiling capability reinforces our commitment to helping you achieve the highest, most accurate level of data quality.

This profiling solution is designed to analyze data in a variety of column types, and allows users to develop informed strategies on how to better manage and employ their data. In a nutshell, it analyzes new data, detects, and flags data problems – before they even enter or are merged into your data warehouse, protecting the integrity of your systems and saving you time and money.

According to Gartner, profiling and monitoring are the key steps in the beginning and ending of the data quality process.

You can read about the solution’s powerful functionalities in more detail in our feature story section.

I’ll continue giving you more updates on any new products we have coming down the wire.

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      Profiling Helps You Discover Data Quality Issues Before They Arise

Melissa Data’s New Multiplatform Profiler API

By Taky Djarou
Data Quality Analyst

Use Profiler Component to Discover Data Quality Issues Before they AriseMelissa Data has released its new data Profiler API. The Profiler Object offers a unique approach to profiling your data. We've combined years of contact data quality experience, the power of many Melissa Data Objects, and data source tables to help you dig deeper into your data and return hundreds of properties about the input table, columns, and individual values.


Melissa Data’s New Data Profiler for SQL Server

By Oscar Li
Data Quality Sales Engineer/Channel Manager

New Profiler Component in Data Quality Components for SQL ServerMelissa Data is proud to introduce our new Profiler component in Data Quality Components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). The addition of this new Profiler component allows users to quickly profile their data set for analysis in an easy-to-use GUI-based ETL environment.


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Say Goodbye to Bad Data Before it Enters Your System

By Edward Dombrowski
Data Quality Analyst

Express Entry Helps you Say Goodbye to to Bad Data Before it Enters Your System

Maybe you’re already familiar with the way Express Entry and Express Entry Desktop Edition can autocomplete addresses – just select the country and type in the beginning of an address, and the service can fill in the missing information, using address data from over 240 countries.


  Tips & Tricks

Validating Global Phone Numbers 101:
A Quick, Easy Tutorial

By Allison Moon
Data Quality Analyst

Melissa Data's Global Phone ObjectWith the advent of global communications and business, chances are you are not only capturing addresses of your contacts, but contact phone numbers as well. This is where Melissa Data’s Global Phone Object comes into play.


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