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By Bud Walker
Director of Data Quality Solutions

Melissa Data is proud to introduce a new program called Verified by Melissa Data, which serves the needs of smaller organizations to take advantage of our powerful Express Entry product, absolutely free. Express Entry enables website visitors to auto complete perfect address information in just a few keystrokes.

To get started, simply sign up for the program and embed the new Verified by Melissa Data logo on your form. After verification of the logo, you will automatically receive 1,000 free auto-completions every month to use from your guestbook, checkout, or other address capture forms. With Express Entry, you will never collect and store bad address information again. Visit our website at www.melissadata.com/eefree to get started.

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How to Integrate Melissa Data within the SQL Server Environment

By Joseph Vertido and Bud Walker

Integrating Melissa Data within the SQL Server EnvironmentSQL Server technology offers quite a few options for integrating third party solutions. The question of which path to take, in most cases, is determined mostly by preference in architecture. In this article, we will take a look at the commonly used ways of how to integrate Melissa Data’s flagship Data Quality Solutions within the SQL Server Environment, and point out some of the pros and cons of each type of integration.


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Append Email Addresses to your Contacts

By Joseph Vertido
MVP Channel Manager/Data Quality Analyst

Email Append your Contacts

Melissa Data continuously strives to provide new solutions as well as improvements to all of its services. The recent update to Melissa Data’s Personator Web Service, introduces the ability to append email addresses to your contact records. Retrieving an email address for an individual is as easy as submitting a name and an address or a name and a phone number to Personator.


Global Functionality in Express Entry

By Ed Dombrowski
Data Quality Sales Engineer

Express Entry Global Functionality

You’re probably familiar with Express Entry’s ability to save keystrokes and return verified and standardized U.S. addresses in your Web forms and applications. But did you know that Express Entry will soon have support for global data in more than 240 countries?


Enrich Your Data with the Upcoming Personator Demographics

Upcoming Personator Demographics

Currently in the works for further improvements to Personator include the addition of Demographic Data Appends. Because we compile the Personator Database from multiple sources, we plan to leverage the demographics we get from these sources to provide even more enrichment information to your contacts. To mention some of the initial set of demographics planned for the next release, we have:

Date of Birth
Marital Status
Dwelling Type
Homeowner or Renter
Presence of Children
Length of Residence

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Improving Speed with Personator

By Kevin Ubay-Ubay
Data Quality Sales Engineer

Improving Speed with PersonatorPersonator – our all-in-one contact data checking, verification, and appending Web service – is developed with flexibility for developers in mind. Personator provides support for consuming the Web service in various ways, including REST, XML, JSON, and SOAP. Developers can choose which method of exchanging Web requests that would be best suited for their application.


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