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By Bud Walker
Director of Data Quality Solutions

Recently, we have been paying lots of attention to new integrations, because, as it turns out, data quality problems can crop up anywhere you are capturing information. This is especially true with Salesforce®, the world’s most popular CRM platform with over 14 percent of the market.

Listware® for Salesforce is a new AppExchange plugin for the cloud-based CRM designed by Melissa Data to arm users with unprecedented access to real-time data quality. The app features include cross-matching contact records, address verification, and appending of missing name, address, email and phone information, and even updating of addresses for customers that have moved.

Listware also validates and cleanses international addresses - standardizing them to the official postal format for each geographic locale, and adding missing components such as postal codes or region. Salesforce users can also enhance their CRM data with detailed, up-to-date property and mortgage information on more than 140 million U.S. properties, improving their customer intelligence for better service and a competitive edge. Talk about a useful app!

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Identify U.S. and Canadian Change-of-Address Records with SmartMover V3

By Peter Brown

Integrating Melissa Data within the SQL Server EnvironmentMaintaining contact data is a challenging endeavor. The reason – contact data is in flux. People are not static – they are constantly moving, changing locations, jobs, or retiring, getting new phone numbers, etc. In fact, about 40 million Americans (one in six) move annually.


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Globalizing Melissa Data’s SSIS Components

By Joseph Vertido
Data Quality Analyst/MVP Channel Manager

Email Append your Contacts

The push for contact data cleansing and verification on an international scale has never been so imperative, which is why Melissa Data is now working to provide Data Quality Solutions globally.


Sanitate. Integrate. CRM Marketing Automation for ERP Programs

By Oscar Li
Scribe Channel Manager

Express Entry Global Functionality

Your customer and prospect data is probably one of your company’s most valuable assets. But how good is your data? The sobering truth is that at least 25 percent of most companies’ data is probably inaccurate, according to industry analyst Gartner. And how much is this bad data costing you? It’s estimated that organizations lose more than $600 billion each year due to bad data, according to TDWI.


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Passing Address Data to the Global Address Web Service

By Admound Chou
Product Development Manager/Data Quality Solutions

Improving Speed with PersonatorMelissa Data’s Global Address Web Service is flexible in the ways it can receive input data. It contains eight input address lines and parsed area inputs like locality, administrative area, and postal code. We understand that international data comes in a variety of formats, so we try to be as accommodating as possible.


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