Match Up: Record Matching Made Easy in Excel!

by Tim Sidor,
Data Quality Analyst

MatchUp, Melissa Data's solution to identify and eliminate duplicate records is now available as one of our Listware for Excel® plug-in components. This fulfills two frequent requests from our customers. 1.) The need for an easy-to-use Excel interface for deduping; and 2.) Offering MatchUp as a web service.

Like our other Excel Plug-Ins, a simple setup wizard allows easy configuration. Select a predefined matching strategy, map the table input columns necessary to identify matches, select reporting options, and process. No programming required.

Duplicate rows can be identified by a combination of NAME, ADDRESS, COMPANY, PHONE and EMAIL. Our select list of matching strategies apply our fast and versatile fuzzy-matching algorithms, our patented proximity matching technology, and extensive datatype specific knowledge base. Thus ensuring that tough to identify duplicates will be flagged by MatchUp.

The output results may be appended directly to the existing sheet, using output result codes, group identifiers, and group counts for easy visual analysis or sorting criteria. You can also use a new Listware option: Create a new Output sheet! Sort the new sheet by group identifier, match criteria order, or original order. You may then analyze the results and change the output disposition (unique or duplicate) before committing your results. There is even an option to have the component eliminate duplicate rows for you.

Since the component uses one of our secure underlying web services, there are no program data files or libraries to maintain. And, with Melissa Data’s servers doing the work, there are no key files to manage or remove. The predefined matching strategies remove the complexity of configuring rules, and an appended report sheet is generated upon completion of each process.

Customers can access MatchUp and other Excel components with a Web Service license or our pay-as-you-go credit option, where you pay only for the number of records you process.

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