Your New & Improved Global Phone V4: Purge Bad Numbers with Live-Check!

By Oscar Li,
Product Channel Manager

We are proud to introduce our newest iteration of our Global Phone Web Service. In Global Phone V4, you can verify phone numbers from over 230 countries and territories, append useful geographic information, and perform premium real-time checks to distinguish live numbers and phone types.

In addition, we are adding suggestion capabilities that will allow for returning a variation of possible phone numbers it can exist in. Our real-time check feature uses home location register technology to determine the live status of any GSM cell phone number. All mobile phones are connected to a mobile switch center that overlooks service areas. These mobile switching centers direct calls and texting for all mobile phone users.

Home register technology is a live-check to see if a subscriber is allowed to join the mobile switching center’s network as well as providing back vital information on the subscriber.

With Global Phone V4, you can purge your databases of bad phone numbers and improve your data quality. Global Phone V4 will be offered in SSIS DQC Components under Global Verify Component in DQC Components for SSIS v6.4.

Global Phone Web Service can:

Global Verify