Tips & Tricks

Retrieving and Leveraging Melissa Address Keys

By Joseph Vertido,
Data Quality Analyst

Melissa Address Keys have been introduced to our product stacks to provide a proprietary identification key for addresses. Melissa Address Keys (MAK), replace the old AddressKey Property which was available in our Address Verification Solutions. With the introduction of the MAK, we provide a consistent and reliable way to uniquely identify address records in your database.

The following products now currently return a MAK:

  1. Address Object
  2. Personator

I. Address Object

Here are the steps to retrieve the MAK in the Address Object:

  1. Make sure to set your Melissa Address Key Data Files
    AddrObj.SetPathToAddrKeyDataFiles(“Data File Location”);
  2. Initialize your data files, set your input address and call the VerifyAddress function
  3. Retrieve the Melissa Address Key

II. Personator

To retrieve the MAK in Personator, simply look for the MelissaAddressKey Output which is already part of the default output in the XML/SOAP/JSON Response:

Response Record

Leveraging MAKs

By running your addresses through the Address Object or Personator, you can retrieve the MAK for all good/valid addresses. The MAK is a unique 10-digit number, much like a barcode or ISBN, that we have assigned to every single valid address in the U.S. Since the MAK is a unique identifier for an address, it can be used for the following: