How Do You Spell Succes?

Ever wonder how to make your marketing message stick? In “Made to Stick,” brothers Chip Heath and Dan Heath claim it's as easy as spelling SUCCES (sic). Reviewer Cam Beck of explains what the acronym means, and how you can apply its principles to your own marketing efforts:

S - Simplicity: Streamline your message. The more information you try to convey, the less effective your message will be.

U - Unexpectedness: Surprise your audience with new information or something they don't expect. They'll be more likely to pass it along.

C - Concreteness: People respond better to concepts they can grasp. Rely on concrete examples (the number of miles to the bank) rather than abstractions (the number of miles to the moon).

C - Credibility: Choose details and spokespeople with care. A young person dying of lung cancer, for example, will have more credibility than a celebrity endorsement in an anti-smoking campaign.

E - Emotional: Why should anyone care about your product or service? It's up to you to give them a good reason.

S - Stories: Show, don't tell. Find stories that illustrate how your product or service has improved your customers' personal or professional lives.

The Po!nt: Use the principles of SUCCES to make your marketing ideas stick in the public imagination.

---Source: Reprinted from “Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die (and How to Make Your Last)” of MarketingProfs Get to the Point June 4, 2007newsletter (
















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