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Happy New Year! Thank you for being such a loyal reader of the Melissa Data Advisors. We appreciate you, and hope you have been able to benefit from some of the articles you’ve read in our past issues. Don’t forget that we’ve got them all archived on our website in the Resource Center.

How can we help you this year? As Melissa Data enters its 26th year in an ever-evolving industry, our goal remains the same- Help mailers, marketers, and database managers succeed and profit from solutions that make your job easier, your communications more effective, and your expenses minimal.

We have combined the List Advisor and Marketing Advisor and will distribute this new format once a month. Hopefully, that will help free up a little more space in your inbox and you’ll find more time to read the articles featured in each issue. And, of course, we always appreciate your input, so please don’t hesitate to send us an email with suggestions or comments on our content.

Solution Spotlight
Contact Data Accuracy for Marketing ROI
Every direct mail marketing guru has told you the most important element of a successful direct mail campaign is the list! OK, they’re right. But even the most targeted, focused, conscientiously selected list won’t reach your ideal audience if the addresses aren’t accurate!  Read More

| Case Study of the Month
City of Tempe, AZ - Address Object
To communicate with its constituency, Tempe, Arizona’s seventh largest city with a population of 160,000 people, sends thousands of pieces of mail each week.  Read More

“The Address Object toolkit has played a vital role in scrubbing
address data as it comes in – creating consistent addresses
for logical integrity within the data warehouse.”

- Keith Stepp - Business Analyst with the City of Tempe

| Download of the Month
Seven Fast-Start Marketing Strategies You Can't Afford to Ignore in 2011
By  Favorite Author Bob Martel
Most smaller businesses can't afford the image-building and branding budgets that Fortune 2000 companies flaunt. You need every marketing dollar to work hard and turn in an impressive ROI. How you set goals for these six areas, and the sales/marketing steps you take to accomplish them are going to determine your success in 2011.  Read More

| List of the Month
Saturation Mailing List
A Saturation List, also known as an “Occupant/Residence,” or “Walk Sequence” list, is for mailings with targeted offers aimed at the true customer base of a business to reach your target market area. You also benefit from the most substantial postage discounts available.  Read More


How To Own Your Local Consumer Market With Saturation Mailings
By Bob Martel, president, JMB Marketing Group
What is old is indeed new again, especially for small businesses trying to expand in their local market. Long before CRM became the acronym for customer relationship management, it had a different meaning: carrier route marketing, which also describes what is more commonly known as “saturation mailing.”  Read Bob’s article here!

| LookUp of the Month
Address Check
Did you get any of your holiday mail returned? Would you like to clean up records in your file for more successful mailings in 2011? This indispensible lookup will become a desktop favorite for immediately verifying the accuracy of a U.S. address - one at a time, or in batch!  Read More

Melissa Data Lookups—A Top 10 Search Engine identified the Melissa Data Lookups site as one of the top “specialized search sites that will help you find the business information you need—fast. There are so many free search options it may become a favorite on your bookmarks."

Ten (Small Business) Marketing Commandments
“We’re into the New Year and I strongly suspect some small business owners are still in the wilderness with their marketing plans. If you’re one, and find yourself without manna and direction, don’t despair. Follow these commandments and you’re well on your way to the Promised Land.”
Read More

   1. Thou Shalt Know Thy IDEAL Customer
   2. Thou Shalt Follow the Ninety Day Rule
   3. Thou Shalt Not Cut Marketing Spending During Slow Times
   4. Thou Shalt Step Out Of Thy Comfort Zone
   5. Thou Shalt Become a Purple Cow
   6. Thou Shalt Not Be a Quitter
   7. Thou Shalt Listen To Thy Customers
   8. Thou Shalt Thank Thy Customer-Often
   9. Thou Shalt Feed Thy Prospecting Funnel
   10. Thou Shalt Keep Thy Marketing Time Holy

  "Our marketing effectiveness leads to our sales effectiveness, which leads to our service effectiveness. Data quality is key to the success of that. If you don't have quality data, that whole chain breaks down."

-Chuck Scoggins, Hilton Hotels


About Melissa Data Corp.
Melissa Data is a total solutions provider of direct mail, marketing and data quality tools. Melissa Data helps companies acquire and retain customers, validate and enhance contact data, improve marketing ROI, and save money on postage and mail processing. Since 1985, Melissa Data has helped companies like the FBI, Northrop Grumman, AAA, Safeway, and the Atlanta Braves improve customer communications.   |    1-800-MELISSA (635.4772)    |



January 2011

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