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The Marketing Advisor, January 2013

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 Best Practices
The Do's and Don'ts of Marketing for Building & Strengthening Customer Relationships

What better way to start off the new year than by jotting down a few tips from industry experts to help you increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns? Whether you prefer direct mail, email, or print advertising to communicate with your customers and prospects, these Do's and Don'ts should prove very valuable to your marketing efforts.

10 Not-So-Obvious Direct Mail Mistakes
Direct Mail Mistakes
There are the obvious direct mail mistakes like no offer or call to action, the wrong phone number or Web address, or misspelled words. Most marketers donít need to read an article to figure those out. This article focuses on lesser-known mistakes that can make the difference between success and failure. Here are 10 Not-So-Obvious Direct Mail Mistakes from Kurt Johnson at Postcard Builder.

The Laws of Attraction
The Laws of Attraction
According to Favorite Author Alan Rosenspan, a bad economy may actually afford you an opportunity to attract more customers away from your competition. Customers who were previously satisfied with less - are now asking for more. And when they do, you can be right there to catch them. How can you do that? Read his Laws of Attraction right here!

Emails Sent to a Happy Customer
Emails Sent to a Happy Customer
Email is undoubtedly the most competitive marketing medium. Far more so than space advertising, television commercials, or even direct mail. Because of this, says Craig Huey, it is critical that when communicating with your customers and prospects via email, you take the opportunity to build and strengthen your relationship with them. Read this article by Craig Huey and discover the Do's and Don'ts of adding value to your email communications.

 Spotlight Solution
Data Enrichment, Appends, Suppression
Data Hygiene and Data Enhancements
Demographic Appends
Melissa Data can append a variety of demographic values to your customer/prospect list to help you profile your best customers by enhancing your database with current information to help you increase the effectiveness and success of your marketing efforts. Choose from thousands of detailed consumer enhancements, including household demographic data, lifestyle data and telecommunication information.

Geographic Appends
Let the Melissa Data service bureau append precise rooftop latitude and longitude information to the street addresses that you have gathered in your mailing list, website, or other business contact-dependent process. Use the tract and block numbers to link addresses to additional demographic information and valuable Census marketing data.

Email Appends
Expand your marketing opportunities! You know your clients and prospects want to hear from you via email, and you want to keep them informed with the latest information about your products and services. But it's sometimes hard to come by email addresses, and even more challenging to keep them up to date. We can help. Provide us with your internal lists and we'll add as many business or consumer email addresses as possible using our Email Append service.

DMA Do-Not-Mail Suppression
Avoid mailing to uninterested recipients by suppressing the records of individuals who have registered with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to opt-out from receiving advertising mail.

Deceased Suppression
Avoid the unfortunate situation of mailing to deceased individuals by flagging and removing their records from your mailing list.

Duplicate Elimination
Removing the duplicate records from your list is a no-brainer. No matter how wonderful your message, your consumer will not appreciate receiving the same correspondence from you, over, and over, and over - in either mailbox (letter or email). Protect the integrity of your list and your brand image, improve relationships with your valued customers, and achieve a single view of your customer for better messaging opportunities.

 Postal PickUps
Important dates for mailers

January 27: New postage rates become effective.
January 28: USPS retires POSTNET and PLANET barcodes and
   automation price eligibility with POSTNET barcodes on all types
   of mail.
January 28: IMb required on all BRM, QBRM and PRM letters.

National Postal Forum

 About Melissa Data
Melissa Data provides direct marketers with the tools they need to acquire, retain, and grow their customer base. This product line includes postal automation software, high quality sales leads and mailing lists, list hygiene and data enhancements, and email marketing services. Our solutions will help you generate effective communications, increase deliverability, improve conversions, and save on postage and production costs for greater ROI from your campaigns.  |  1-800-MELISSA (635.4772)  |

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Not-So-Obvious Direct Mail Mistakes
The Laws of Attraction
Emails Sent to a Happy Customer
Data Hygiene & Data Enhancements

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Targeted Consumer Lists
Build your perfect consumer mailing list from over 115 million households nationwide. Customize easy-to-use lists by choosing from categories like household income, age group, and home owner/renter status.

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