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The Marketing Advisor, February 2015
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Melissa Data News

Melissa Data Turns 30 This Month

Melissa Data Turns 30!

We’re excited to announce that Melissa Data turns 30 this month. We extend a huge thanks to the more than 10,000 companies worldwide ranging from retail and education to healthcare and government who use Melissa Data to support their data quality for improved marketing, analytics, and business intelligence.

Melissa Data Magazine: Is Dirty Data Killing Sales?

Melissa Data Magazine - Direct Marketing Edition

In the new issue of Melissa Data Magazine, find out how dirty data could be silently killing your sales and marketing, read a case study on how one non-profit initiated a successful reengagement campaign--with almost no undeliverables--even though they hadn’t been in contact with most past donors for years, and learn why you should add direct mail to your marketing mix.

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Industry News

Cleaning Data is The Number 1 Priority for Omnichannel Success

Priority for Omnichannel Success

In a recent article in Retail Online Integration titled "4 Tips for Overcoming the Omnichannel Challenge," writer Mike Shanker reminds marketers that their number one priority for cross-channel success is cleaning up their dirty data. Shanker cites a NetProspex report revealing the fact that 84% of marketing databases contain dirty data.

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(Retail Online Integration)


Cleaning Your List Just Got Easier

Listware makes your data cleaning easier! Many companies once believed that it was difficult to clean their list. But now with Listware®, it's easy to clean, verify and complete your customer, prospect, marketing, or donor list to increase response rates and experience a higher return-on-investment. Melissa Data's Listware is an all-in-one data cleansing tool available via Cloud, or Microsoft Excel®.

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Reverse Geocoder Cloud Service Gives an Address When You Need It in Mobile Apps & More

Check out Melissa Data's Reverse Geocoder Cloud Service Consumers are connected today in more ways than ever imagined. For mobile app developers, reverse geocoding can deliver the precise location of a person with pinpoint accuracy, providing valuable insights that help improve the user’s experience for emergency location purposes, roadside help, or even for pick-up directions. Check out Melissa Data’s Reverse Geocoder Cloud Service.

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Product News

Identify Old Emails in Your List & Replace with New Ones

Melissa Data's new Email Change-of-Address service

Frustrated by poor response rates to your email marketing campaigns? The culprit might be the bad and outdated emails in your list. Melissa Data's new Email Change-of-Address service cleans typos, formatting issues, and invalid domains from your list, and then matches it to a database of hundreds of millions of records to identify outdated emails and replace them with new, actively-engaged recipients.

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Postal Pickups

U.S. Postal Service® Names First Woman Postmaster General

Megan J. Brennan, 74th Postmaster General and CEO of USPS

The U.S. Postal Service has appointed Megan J. Brennan to become the 74th Postmaster General and CEO of the U.S. Postal Service. Brennan is the first woman to be named to the post in Postal Service history.

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(USPS® News Release)

Resources for Direct Marketing Success

Enrich your data to improve lead quality! Add valuable data to your contact records to improve the effectiveness of lead nurturing and lead scoring. The data includes business and consumer email/phone numbers; consumer demographic and lifestyle data; postal addresses and names; and much more.
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Looking for a mailing list to a niche audience? Melissa Data has 100s of hard-to-find lists including Derogatory Credit, Recent Graduates, Absentee Homeowner, and many more!
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Increase mail deliverability at the lowest postage rates by using MAILERS+4®, an affordable, easy-to-use postal automation and bulk mail software program that verifies and standardizes addresses, and dedupes your lists.
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Move Update Processing! Upload a file, safely and securely, for USPS® NCOALink® 48-month move update processing and meet all requirements for First-Class® and Standard Mail® postal discounts.
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About Melissa Data

Melissa Data provides direct marketers with the tools they need to acquire, retain, and grow their customer base. This product line includes postal automation software, high quality sales leads and mailing lists, list hygiene and data enhancements, and email marketing services. Our solutions will help you generate effective communications, increase deliverability, improve conversions, and save on postage and production costs for greater ROI from your campaigns.  |  1-800-MELISSA (635-4772)  |

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