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Solution Spotlight - Multichannel Marketing Mania
Enable the Mania
Teri Dimon, Sr Editor, Melissa Data

Marketers are seeking out ways to connect with their customers and to hold their attention. Multichannel marketing is offering customers more than one way to buy something. For retailers, advocates claim that, in addition to offering the customer more options, multichannel marketing allows a business more opportunities to interact with customers - each channel can help promote the other channels. We asked our favorite authors if they would like to contribute to this month’s advisor and share their expertise in any area of multichannel marketing. Bob Martel and Dean Rieck, both exceptional marketing consultants and copywriters, provided editorial content for your multichannel marketing success.
Read how Melissa Data enables Multichannel Marketing Mania

Put Your Business On The Map With Google Places
by Bob Martel, consultant and writer

Have you discovered Google’s Places pages when you search locally? If getting found locally is important to you, and it should be if you consider the lifetime value of a customer and your new customer acquisition costs, you need to go claim your listing and make sure the information is accurate, complete, and gives you a local search advantage!
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How to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website with Traditional Direct Mail
by Dean Rieck, consultant and writer

Websites provide a powerful means of promoting your products and services. But they don't work if no one visits your site. Success is all about driving traffic. Too many people suffer from an “oil and water” mentality when it comes to mixing online and offline media. But the fact is, they work well together. And when you need to drive online traffic, an integrated approach can often work wonders. How do you drive web traffic with direct mail?
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Editor’s Note
We also found some excellent articles in our Advisor Archive you might enjoy reading again!

Create Twice the Impact with Mail and the Internet
Today’s consumers are up to their earphones in ever-evolving technology. Nearly everything they need to find, view, hear, and know is a click away. So traditional mail (that thing that’s delivered to their doors) must be passé, right? Actually, no.

5 Crucial Multichannel Metrics
Any seasoned direct marketer knows the importance of understanding the numbers side of the business. You have to know both the left-brain (analytic) and right-brain (creative) rules for maximum success. My philosophy is “know the rules before you break them.”

| Data Enhancement of the Month
Data appends: Address, Phone, Email
Fill in the blanks, expand marketing opportunities, and explore multichannel avenues.

| White Paper of the Month
Win Back Lost Customers with Email
Did you know the average U.S. company loses between 20 to 40 percent of its customers every year? Do you have a process in place to reactivate lost customers to improve your company’s profitability? Download this free white paper from Melissa Data and learn how email append can help you add verified customer email addresses to your database to help bring back lost customers and ensure your “win back” initiatives are successful.
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Local E-Blast Marketing
Take advantage of localized emailing marketing with our new E-Blast service. We’ll e-mail your message to thousands of local residents – as low as 4 cents per name.
Check it out now!.
| Case Study of the Month
Clairvoyix – a Las Vegas-based consumer data management and direct marketing firm – performs data hygiene and data enhancement services as part of its Knowledge Factory solution. Clairvoyix used the Email Append service to add deliverable email addresses to La Quinta’s customer mailing database – a critical component to extending its marketing reach to customers. Clairvoyix added nearly a million email records to their existing La Quinta mailing addresses.

| LookUp of the Month
Carrier Routes in Radius
Use this LookUp to enhance your local search campaigns: 
  • Get a list of all the carrier routes within a radius from a central address point
  • Get the ZIP Code, carrier route, type of route (PO Box, city, rural)
  • Get the number of business and residential deliveries, the delivery Post Office of the carrier route
  • Get the distance from the central ZIP Code, plus the average wealth and age range

| List of the Month:
Business Lists

Our business mailing lists enhance your B-to-B marketing opportunities by identifying the businesses that are most likely to respond to all your marketing efforts. Melissa Data business lists incorporate data from approximately 14 million businesses and include our 100% deliverability guarantee.
| Download of the Month:
Archived Articles on Multichannel Marketing

Take your pick, as many as you want. We’ve saved them all. Every article that was ever written for any of our Advisor newsletters. We’re taking you straight to the Multichannel Marketing archive, but feel free to peruse the entire site.
  "Direct Marketing is evolving every day; in some cases, it seems that we have come full circle. A few years ago, there was the rush to telemarketing, and then came the rush to the Internet. Now marketers are starting to understand that all of these - telephone, mail, internet, e-mail, so-called 'new media' - are simply alternative channels that enable direct contact with a customer."

-Audrey Price-Dix, Assegai Awards Chairman

Next Month – How to take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips - for free.  

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March 2011

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Put Your Business On The Map With Google Places
How to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website with Traditional Direct Mail

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White Paper
Win Back Lost Customers with Email

Archived Articles on Multichannel Marketing

Business Lists

Carrier Routes in Radius

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