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Spring Cleaning, Planting, & Nurturing Your Contact Database

Although this should be a year-round effort, why not take advantage of the new Spring season to dig into your contact database and weed out the bad, fertilize the wilted, and plant new seedlings. Or, to put it non-agriculturally, list hygiene, data appends, and mailing list leads.

This Special Edition publication of the Marketing Advisor is the first in our Spring distribution designed to help you Get To The Point to figure out just what you need to do to shape up for contact data records for the absolute greatest response and ROI – for every season, all year long.


Isn’t it time for a basic Data Hygiene Checkup? The doctor is in.
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5 Powerhouse Data Hygiene Solutions for Optimal ROI
It’s time for some spring cleaning – on your database, that is. Keeping your database clean and updated will pave the way for optimal ROI. Here’s a list of the top five ways to achieve data quality and how Melissa Data can do all the work for you.

List Hygiene: Your Smartest Move
With the increasing costs of postage, printing and paper (on the mail side), and the heightened level of scrutiny that bad e-mail addresses get from ISPs (on the e-mail side), it's no wonder that marketers with an eye on all of their bottom lines are looking with renewed interest at the art and science of hygiene. Your smartest move starts here with this article from Lou Mastria, the chief privacy officer and vice president of public affairs at NextAction Corp.

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March 2011

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Marketing Advisor: Special Edition
5 Powerhouse Data Hygiene Solutions for Optimal ROI
List Hygiene: Your Smartest Move

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