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The Marketing Advisor, March 2013

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 Best Practices
Marketing in a Global Environment
Marketing in a Global Environment
Companies today can no longer rely on domestic prospects to grow their businesses and increase profit. Increasingly, overseas direct marketing efforts have become an important way to locate new prospects and communicate effectively with international customers. For many organizations, a significant aid in this effort is global address verification.

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 Spotlight Solution
Personator: Full Contact Data Quality
Personator Solutions from Melissa Data
Bad contact data is costing your business money. Did you know that U.S. businesses lose $600 billion a year because of bad data? Bad data can mean many things, including incomplete records, inaccuracies, or contact data scattered among several records throughout your organization.

Effective marketing today means targeted marketing; the days of 'one message fits all' are over. If you can't verify, correct, and merge your records into one golden record, your marketing campaigns will be ineffective.

Personator is significant because it performs Data Quality Uplift, a process that cross-references the validity of data by verifying the customer record is deliverable, and that names correspond to address, email, and telephone data. It also ensures that the record is also complete with all contact points appended.

Personator is suitable for both enterprise and E-commerce businesses, and there are three levels of Personator, so you can choose the solution that is right for your business. Visit our Personator Web page or request a free trial today.

How to Detect and Consolidate Duplicates in Just a Few Easy Steps

Got fuzzy duplicates? Nicknames? Unstandardized addresses? Different date formats? Even varying company names? Up to 10% of the average database consists of duplicate records. Find out how to detect, eliminate and consolidate duplicates in just a few easy steps.

Register now for our upcoming webcast - which airs March 28 at 2PM EST.

 Postal PickUps
USPS® Offers Full-Service Technology Credit for Mailers

The new Tech Credit from the U.S. Postal Service is designed to offset the cost of converting to Intelligent Mail Full-Service. If approved, mailers will receive their credit in the form of a postage credit. USPS began sending out eligibility letters to mailers on March 1. Click here to determine your eligibility.

The Patriotic Star - Part of our Country’s Fabric for Centuries

On Tuesday, March 19, during the National Postal Forum in San Francisco, attendees, exhibitors, and guests enjoyed the honor of participating in the dedication of the new Patriotic Star First-Class Mail Stamp. Master of Ceremonies Rosemarie Fernandez, District Manager of the San Francisco District USPS, provided the official welcome and introduced the prestigious cast representing the USPS and NPF officiating at the ceremony.
The Patriot Star stamp
With this illustration of a red, white and blue striped star, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates American patriotism. The star is one of the nation's quintessential symbols, and a shining reminder of our indomitable spirit. This stamp features a red, white and blue five-pointed star on a white background and is actually two stars - a smaller one inside a larger one. To accommodate business use, the Patriotic Star is being issued as a First-Class Mail Large Coil stamp in coils of 10,000. Click here for more information about the stamp and how to order the First-Day-of-Issue postmark, or the stamps.

 Email Marketing
Writing E-Blast Copy: Sell the "Sizzle"

You're confident your new product is the best in the marketplace. You've planned an email campaign to generate leads, and now you're ready to write your copy. Your first instinct is to describe how great the product and your company is, but this impulse is where many marketers go wrong. Remember, customers are focused on their problems, and all they want from you is a solution. The old adage, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak," is still great advice for marketers today.

In your copy, make sure to emphasize the benefits people will receive from your product. If you are marketing breath mints, for example, you don't catalog the mint's ingredients or describe your company's lengthy history, you write about how delicious the mints are, and how they sweeten one's breath.

If you don't have the time to create your own email campaign, don't worry, we can do it for you. Melissa Data will create, blast out, and track the results. Learn more about our specialized email marketing campaigns.

 About Melissa Data
Melissa Data provides direct marketers with the tools they need to acquire, retain, and grow their customer base. This product line includes postal automation software, high quality sales leads and mailing lists, list hygiene and data enhancements, and email marketing services. Our solutions will help you generate effective communications, increase deliverability, improve conversions, and save on postage and production costs for greater ROI from your campaigns.  |  1-800-MELISSA (635.4772)  |

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Marketing in a Global Environment

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