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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. These aren’t new terms in our vocabulary, but we certainly are hearing them used more often. In recent years, “green marketing” has exploded in popularity among companies big and small. More and more, direct marketers are upping the recycled content of their paper, cleansing their databases faster than ever before, and encouraging more consumers to toss unwanted fliers, envelopes and catalogs into recycling bins. What else can you do? Read these articles from the experts, and then take a look at the solutions Melissa Data has to help you green your marketing operations.

Show Them How Green You Are!
How “green” is your direct mail? In growing numbers, today’s consumers are demanding environmental responsibility from businesses across America. Everything you can do to preserve the environment can reflect on your business and impact your bottom line. You can take some very simple steps to make sure your direct mail is both eco-friendly and effective. 

Mike Porter10 Essential “Going Green” Questions for Document Operations Managers
These may be goals related to the documents you produce, the manner in which they are produced, or both. Some goals may be initiated by document managers themselves. For others, the goals are driven by corporate policy. Some operations seek an outside expert’s help in the drafting of attainable goals for their departments. These resources can help you develop realistic, attainable goals that make sense for your operation and the environment. 
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List Hygiene and Move Update Services

Greening the list – Advice from the USPS

Every year, U.S. businesses send billions of pieces of mail that are undeliverable as addressed (UAA). By taking simple, ongoing steps to maintain a clean, up-to-date list, your business can reduce its amount of UAA mail. This helps lessen its impact on the environment because you’ll be producing fewer mailpieces and using less paper, ink and energy. Resources available to help hone your lists include ZIP Code correction, address standardization and change-of-address services. Here are steps you can take to fine-tune your lists:
  • Merge and purge mailing lists often to remove invalid names and addresses.
  • Provide frequent, clear opportunities for customers to opt-in and opt-out.
  • Maintain a list to prevent unwanted communications.
  • Allow customers to specify their preferred method of contact.
  • Target mail efficiently using segmentation and modeling to select recipients.
  • Personalize your message to increase relevance and reduce waste.

Is Your Data Green?
Each year, more than 100 million trees are destroyed, three million cars’ worth of energy is consumed and reprehensible-by-any-measure amounts of greenhouse gas is emitted into the atmosphere—all in the name of producing, distributing and disposing of direct mail solicitations. The good news?
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Targeted Mailing Lists

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Greening Your Mail Can Keep You In The Black

Discover 10 simple steps in this white paper that will save you money as you green your mail.

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July 2011

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The Postal Service is doing its part to “Go Green” by providing you with eco-friendly mailing materials and stamps. As part of their Go Green commitment, they’ve designed a series of 16 Forever stamps showing what each of us can do to promote the health of our environment.

These are not just stamps — they’re 16 ways to help the planet

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