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Customer Appreciation, Loyalty, and the Holidays
We all know that customer appreciation should be an all-year program for any business, but the holidays are a time where an extra effort in showing that appreciation is an especially nice idea. Without your loyal customers, you cannot thrive, and making a concentrated effort to customers to show how much they are valued can go a long way. Read the following articles for some great ideas on how to show your customers how much you appreciate them, this holiday season, and for years to come.

7 Ways to Say "Thank You"
By Favorite Author Bob Martel, JMB Marketing Group
What has happened to the lost art and etiquette of thanking customers in some appropriate way? The words ‘thank you’ create a magical effect on people, much like hearing their own name properly spoken (or spelled correctly in a mailing). Thanking your customers is a powerful strategy for turning the one-time buyer into a longer-term customer and a fountain of referrals. Favorite Author Bob Martel has 7 proven methods to help you get started. Read now!

How Customer Loyalty Differs Online
By Michael Greenberg, CEO, Loyalty Lab
Customer loyalty in the online world is not the same as offline. Substitutes are just a click away vs. down the street offline. Customers expect you to know everything that’s ever happened between you online, while they accept anonymity offline. Read this article by Michael Greenberg to better understand how these differences impact your marketing approach to developing more customer loyalty in an online world.

List Hygiene and Move Update Services

How to Write a Holiday Letter to Customers
By Angela Tague, eHow Contributor
An excellent way to keep an open line of communication with your customers is to address the holiday season by sending a Christmas letter or card to them. This gives your business the chance to thank the customers for their patronage all year and even offer them a special holiday reminder or purchasing offer. Read more.

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Where Did My Customers Go? The Problem of Undeliverable As Addressed Mail

This is not the time of year to lose contact with
your customers.

Bad addresses not only cost a company thousands of dollars – they also damages customer relationships. This white paper examines the true cost of UAA mail and offers advice on how to reduce UAA mail with the use of proper address management practices.

Words of Wisdom

"Response is one of the five keys of successful direct marketing. And if you have that, the other four don't matter."

-Dean Rieck, freelance copywriter, DirectCreative
Read more about Dean on his Favorite Author’s Page at Melissa Data!

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