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Can you believe it! Another year on the calendar. We hope you all had a prosperous year and are busy planning for remarkable marketing ventures in 2012. This last issue of the Marketing Advisor features one new article from Barry Densa that you’re really going to enjoy on using “Humor in Sales Copy,” and two more articles from our Favorite Author’s Archive that were very popular this past year. We thank you for your continued support and readership, and look forward to sharing some brilliant marketing copy with you in the New Year. Our Favorite Authors are always asking for ideas to write about just for you! Let us know how we can help! –

Humor in Sales Copy – Yes or No?
By Barry Densa
A debate has been burning up the bits and bytes on one of the popular marketing forums. The topic of heated discussion: Whether or not to include humor in sales copy. Some of the members argue that humor can be a disarming and refreshing alternative to the caveman approach to copywriting – i.e., bludgeoning the reader into shock and submission with forceful declarations and exclamation points. Drop the hard sell and take a more friendly and convivial approach, they say. Be sociable, be charming, be funny!
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Are You Missing the ‘Secret Sauce’ In Your Marketing Programs?
By Bob Martel
If you launch a marketing campaign and nobody understands your message, can you really call it effective communication? You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if you can’t communicate its value or influence, and persuade your market with magical words, then that proverbial path to your door will grow tall grass! Words open wallets, for they bring the promise of perceived value. Change your vocabulary and the world might actually find that path and lead to your company’s prosperity.
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5 Rules to Break When Writing Marketing Materials
By Valerie Kendrick
Since I am a hard-core stickler for correct grammar in writing, I am surprised I am now going to tell you about five grammar rules you can and should break when writing your marketing materials.
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Words of Wisdom

"In the absence of communication among your customers, advertising rules." - Don Peppers

- Don Peppers, Peppers & Rogers Group and 1to1 Media

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December 2011

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