How to Improve Search Engine Marketing

Catalogers looking for ways to improve their search marketing campaigns were treated to the session “15 Sizzling Hot Search Ideas for Merchants” at the ACCM conference earlier this year. Patricia Hursh (SmartSearch Marketing) found these four tips offered during that session to be most valuable:

1. Pre-qualify clickers. Don’t pay for visitors who are unlikely to become customers. Be specific about what you offer. Instead of describing products or services in a literal fashion, use “qualifiers.” For example, if your catalog focuses on high-end window coverings, don’t just say “wood blinds.” Rather, use more descriptive, qualifying words in your ads like “highest quality, exotic wood blinds.”

2. Use unique, compelling calls to action. The days of “click here” and “buy now” are gone. Generic calls to action are not unique or compelling. Find a specific way to differentiate your products. For example, one company posts customer testimonials on its Web site using MP3 audio files. Its search ads include a call to action to “hear what our customers are saying.”

3. Help consumers comparison shop. Catalogers should actually help people comparison shop. Why? Because consumers are going to do it anyway! At least this way you have a voice in the process. Place a comparison chart on your landing page that summarizes your unique selling proposition relative to the competition. Ad copy should entice people to “see how we compare.”

4. Integrate your search efforts. Merchants engaged in search advertising quickly should be able to identify their best converting keyword phrases. Integrate these lessons learned and make sure your search optimization efforts are also targeting these important money-generating phrases.

Patricia Hursh is president and founder of SmartSearch Marketing, a Boulder, Col.-based search marketing consultancy. She can be reached at (866) 644-3134 or at


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