Converting Inquiries Into Orders
   By Galen Stilson

Depending upon your order margin, your attempt at conversion may involve anywhere from one to ten or more attempts. How many conversion attempts is right for you? A rule of thumb is: "keep mailing until it's not profitable to do so." If you still show a profit after 10 mailings, keep on' a going.

What would a series of conversion attempts include? Here's a hypothetical example:

Attempt #1: Your full sales package, including a "thanks for requesting information" note.

Attempt #2: Carbon copy of original letter with a reminder of any discount cut-off dates. Include a testimonial sheet.

Attempt #3: New letter giving a premium expiration date. Response device to indicate last chance to get premium.

Attempt #4: Letter from a top-level executive that uses a different appeal from past efforts.

Attempt #5: New letter built around a strong testimonial, backed by other testimonials. Offer a new premium or incentive.

Attempt #6: New letter built around your guarantee and no-risk offer.

Attempt #7: Last-chance offer that summarizes the entire series. You might want to give a special "final offer" -- a "bribe" -- if you will -- to make the sale.

The mailing time-frame might be one-per-week or every two weeks (depends upon your experience).

After the conversion series is finished, those who did not order should be plugged into a list of non-responders. These prospects should be mailed (full dm package) on an annual or semi-annual basis until you determine that they're no longer legitimate prospects.

Galen Stilson is a Direct Response Copywriter/Consultant. Contact him at: 727-786-1411


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