What Guerrillas Give Out Free
    By Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing

One of the main reasons that businesses fail is lack of marketing insight. Jay Conrad Levinson, better known as the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, offers the top 10 giveaways sure to bring out the guerrilla in your own marketing department. All along, he says, Ive been telling you what guerrillas give away for free.

1) They give gift certificates to their own business, whether the certificates are for products or services.

2) They give printed brochures to anybody who requests one.

3) They give electronic brochures, on CD and DVD, once again to people who ask for them. And they are quick to offer their free brochures in their other marketing.

4) They give money to worthy causes and let their prospects and customers know that they support a noble cause, enabling these people to support the same endeavor.

5) They give free consultations and never make them seem like sales presentations. They truly try to help their prospects.

6) They give free seminars and clinics because they realize that if their information is worthwhile, it will attract the right kind of people to them.

7) They give free demonstrations to prove without words the efficacy of their offerings.

8) They give tours of their facilities or of work they've accomplished elsewhere, again transcending standard marketing tools they might employ.

9) They give free samples because they know that such generosity is the equivalent of purchasing a new customer at a very low price.

10) They give invaluable information on their website, realizing that such data will bring their customers and prospects back for more, thereby intensifying their relationships.

- Jay Conrad Levinson ( the Father of Guerrilla Marketing


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