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 #1 Secret to Increasing Your Database from Your Website

A direct marketing website can have a variety of purposes. Most marketing sales websites will have an objective of collecting email addresses in their database for future marketing campaigns. Here are 6 tactics from Craig Huey to help you increase your database from your website.

Here are 6 tactics that I recommend:
1. On the upper-right-hand corner of your home page, provide an easily identifiable section to collect your prospects' email addresses.

2. Give prospects a reason that it's in their best interest to provide you with their email address. There are several ways of doing this, such as offering them a free ezine or hardcopy newsletter, a special report, a special discount or a special insider update. You need to offer something that makes them want to give you their email address, otherwise they simply won’t.

3. Use the same email-collecting strategy on every other page, again placing it in the upper-right-hand corner.

4. Use the email collection concept on the right-hand sidebar.

5. You might also consider using an Order Form in Navigation (OFIN). This is what I have been using for clients instead of pop-ups. They are not blocked by pop-up blockers and they are typically placed around the navigation.

6. Also, you can create an Order Form in Editorial (OFIE), which is also designed to pop-up, but in fact has the same benefits as the OFIN

Craig Huey is president of a direct response advertising agency, Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc and InfoMat. 310-212-5727 (

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