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 Blogs – The New Marketing Strategy

Weblogs, more typically referred to as “blogs”, first became popular in the late 1990’s as a list of links set up and supported by a cluster of tech savvy individuals. Gradually it has become mainstream, evolving into a mass of online journal and diary entries, political and religious perspectives, anecdotes or personal struggles. As its popularity has soared, the corporate world has jumped at the opportunity to make use of this new marketing tool.

Recently, major conglomerates have been using them as a marketing device to gain feedback from customers, discuss news or promote the latest softwares. The business world's posting pioneers say blogging helps them network, boost sales, and even lobby - at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Many industries are now hiring full time employees to maintain the company weblogs.
Selective blogs, featuring content that offer insight and analysis are the subject matters readers want to make use of. According to EMarketer, the number one reason people read blogs is, “To get news and information I can’t find elsewhere.” Others like blogs because they’re easy to navigate and usually provide daily updates of information. It’s an innovative way to get news quickly and easily.

If you want to implement blogs as a new marketing strategy for your business or company, here are a few tips:

• Subject or Header: Just like the subject in a memo or email, this is your blog's title.

• Content or Body: The meat of your blog, this is where it all happens. The text is typed or pasted into the body.

• Comments: The comment feature allows others to take part in a discussion regarding the contents of your blog. When visitors add their own two cents regarding the subject matter, a lively discussion can ensue. Many bloggers and blog readers appreciate the sense of community blogs offer, thanks to the comment feature.

• Time and Date Stamp: Because blogs are arranged in chronological order, it's important for visitors to note the time and date of each post. If a blogger is writing about a particular topic, knowing when each post was written will help the reader to stay current.

To those resistant to implementing blogs through their websites, keep this in mind: Blogs are used as an additional marketing strategy to improve business communication and collaboration. The intention is to improve, expand and progress to a more successful way of doing business.

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