Your Employees Expect Marketing Leadership
   By Bob Martel

All eyes are on you, checking out every move you make and your profit margin goals are at risk! Perhaps mostly on a subconscious level, your employees are watching you – and the marketing decisions you implement (or not) for your company. Without revealing closely guarded marketing ‘secrets’ to the rank and file there is a degree of comfort you must instill in order to keep your best employees happy. They expect you to lead the marketing charge – so now may be the perfect time to ‘open the kimono’ as they say, and take a closer look at things.

Employee confidence is like cash in the bank because happy employees cannot hide their excitement and enthusiasm as they interact with customers (and each other). The inverse is true as well. Lack of confidence in the company’s overall health and direction translates all too often into unhappy employees who chase your best customers and prospects out the door.

Aside from the art and science of marketing, the internal marketing mechanics cannot be overlooked. Consider these seven strategies to build employee loyalty and confidence in your company’s marketing strategy.

1. Communicate with all employees who are directly involved with a specific marketing campaign so there are no surprises.

2. Properly train those involved for maximum success and return on your marketing investment.

3. Share the big picture in your meetings.

4. Everyone ought to know the company’s marketing strengths.

5. Involve the company in the process and listen to their marketing ideas.

6. Demonstrate that you have a clear grasp of marketing fundamentals and practice same!

7. Share results!

Whether you are a business manager or a business owner, CEO, or entrepreneur you have an awesome responsibility to implement a winning marketing strategy. It sounds painfully obvious, yet we all know that ‘marketing’ gets little more than lip service in too many organizations, as if it’s a necessary evil that must be tolerated.

Put aside your attitudes, opinions, and whatever you think you know about the subject of marketing and consider this. Your employees, your stockholders, your vendors, and even your competitors (and their families) depend on you to be a savvy marketer. By making smart marketing decisions you create that intangible feeling that puts your employees at ease about their own future.

An ongoing commitment to customer acquisition and retention strategies shows that you are running a healthy business. Smart marketing attracts not only customers to your company, but also a strong workforce that will carry you over the finish line as your company exceeds its revenue and profit goals.

---Source: Bob Martel is a marketing consultant, author and direct response copywriter. He can be reached at (508)481-8383 or
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