Marketing with E-Newsletters
   By Susan Greene

Looking for an inexpensive way to market your products or services? While direct mail is an effective marketing tool, a great follow up is an e-mail newsletter, also called e-newsletters or e-zines. What can an e-mail newsletter do for you?

E-newsletters cost less than direct mail and you save on graphic design, printing and mailing costs. Here are a series of questions and answers frequently posed to e-newsletter copywriters:

What can an e-newsletter do for you?
• Keep your company name in front of the customer
• Position your company as the expert in your area
• Create brand recognition for your products
• Help you build a relationship with your prospects and customers
• Generate sales for your business!

What should your e-newsletter contain?
• Information that is useful to the customer, as opposed to just promotional for you
• Details about new or additional products or services you offer

What tone should you use in your e-newsletter?
Write your e-newsletter copy in a friendly, conversational voice. It’s okay to use first or second person and to let your personality shine through. After all, you’re trying to build a relationship with the reader, a.k.a. potential customer. Of course, be sure your copy sounds professional and is error-free.

Does the e-newsletter need graphics or photos?
That depends on what you’re selling. Yes, if you can show products or applications or present your material in a more professional way. No, if including those photos or graphics will significantly slow down load time.

Should the e-newsletter be sent as part of an e-mail or as an attachment?
Best if you can send it right within the e-mail. Many people won’t bother to download an attachment.

Should you include links in your newsletter?
Sure, if the links are to your own web site or other quality sites that are relevant and will provide the reader with useful information.

Who should you send your e-newsletter to?
• Existing customers
• New customers
• Prospective customers
• Referral sources
• Relevant media that might reprint information from your newsletter in their publication

How do you get subscribers?
• Have a sign-up form on your web site, preferably on all pages. Keep it simple or people won’t sign up
• Offer a bonus for sign-ups such as a free e-book or special report
• Include sign-ups in ads, direct mail, at trade shows or any other marketing opportunity
• Submit informative articles to e-zines and include links to your sign-up form

How often should you send out an e-newsletter?
At least monthly. Weekly is better but only if you have good information.

What if you can’t write well or, even more importantly, if writing the e-newsletter is not an effective use of your time?

Hire a freelance e-newsletter copywriter. He or she will be able to take your raw information either by phone, e-mail or other research material and convert it into an effective e-newsletter that brings in dividends far in excess of the copywriting fee you are being charged.

Susan Greene is a freelance copywriter located in Orlando, Florida. If you would like assistance with your writing project or permission to reprint this article, visit her website at or contact Susan at,
(407) 578-5528.

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