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The Mindfulness of Marketing: How to Focus on the Customer
By Bob Martel, of JMB Marketing Group

If marketing is, indeed, a mind game – and it is – then doesn’t it make sense to study the mind and be ever aware of what is going on inside your customer’s head? After all, your company is only a collection of thoughts in the gray matter of everyone you serve, agree? How can you maximize your overt and covert marketing efforts to ensure compliance to your purchase suggestions without first knowing what really makes your customer tick? In other words, how can you consistently persuade and influence the buying behavior of your customer if you are not truly focused on their wants and desires? As that cognitive IBM commercial reveals, your company must collectively “ideate” on the needs and wants of the customer.

Be honest. As a marketer, have you ever really stopped to think about what is going on in the minds of your best customers, those who have left you, or those who are simply waiting for you to educate them about all that you can do for them? Chances are you have not really paused long enough to realize that your customers are people, too, with the same hopes, dreams, aspirations, and desires that you hold dear. Chances are you haven’t really paused to reflect on the lives of your employees either, right? Your customers, your employees, your vendors each depend on your smart, ethical marketing because it enriches their lives. Think about that one!

Imagine how powerfully effective your marketing can become when the wholeness of your message resonates with your customers. Imagine further how your company will run like a well-oiled machine with every employee fully embracing the present needs of your customers as they serve them on a daily basis. The key to fully leveraging the potential lifetime value of a customer lies in managing and building upon the perceived value in the minds of your customers each and every time you serve them, and in influencing human behavior (future purchases, referrals) by connecting with that human being you call “your customer.” Make sense?

The mindfulness of marketing is a process, an endless journey and a conscious determination to truly connect with the subconscious mind of your customer and prospect. Unlike the mind control methods pioneered by Ed Bernays, the mindfulness of marketing will enable you to more easily achieve your influence goals through the conscious effort not to influence but, rather, to understand, to relate, and to serve. Influence and persuasion skills are critically important in marketing – as you seek to cause compliance – yet the mindfulness of marketing will help your company to positively impact the lives of your customers, not simply manipulate someone to make a purchase decision.

To grasp the very notion of the mindfulness of marketing means to first understand and embrace the concept of mindfulness itself. Mindfulness, or the act of being mindful, is defined as being aware of – and living in your present moment. Understanding the basic tenets of mindful living is both intellectual exercise and a lifelong journey. Becoming mindful, or practicing mindfulness on a daily basis is another thing altogether. You’ll understand this as you begin to explore and study mindfulness. This may be new territory for you, so here are seven steps to quick start yourself and your organization on becoming more mindful of your customer:

• Get real clear on the true benefits of your products and services and how these benefits positively impact the lives of your customer.

• Understand what “owning these benefits” enable for your customers. How does having these benefits help the customer to get what they want out of life? Hint: Google ‘16 Core Desires.’

• While you are studying ‘mindfulness’ and learning to practice it yourself, get your organization to start “ideating” – as the IBM commercial illustrates. Hint: Get mindful about your marketing ROI, your marketing strategy, your unique selling proposition, and the marketing metrics you know you should monitor better.

• This one may be a stretch. Meditate. Clear your mind. Take time to reflect on your customers and the quality of their experience in doing business with your company. Is it consistent? Is it pleasant and valuable and hassle-free? Where can you make improvements?

• Educate your customer. Help them know your company better and the range of products and services you offer. Overcome the “I didn’t know you do that” syndrome. Help them make smart purchase decisions.

• Buddhists speak of obstacles to overcome for mediation to be successful. One is ‘mental scattering’ or distraction. What is distracting you or your employees from delivering an exceptional experience for your customers?

• Understand how to apply the psychology of marketing to your business. Get Robert Cialdini’s book on the subject, for starters.

The (mind) game of marketing requires smart decisions. Your marketing strategy and the underlying programs that you launch should recognize the fact that you seek to influence human behavior and cause compliance. You are, in essence, covertly and ethically hypnotizing your customers through the wholeness of their experience in doing business with you. Remember, the best marketer wins – and the ethical marketer sleeps well each night.

---Source: Bob Matel is the principal consultant at JMB Marketing Group. View his Web site at Email him at with your comments about this article.


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