Dean Rieck has been called "... the best direct response strategist and copywriter" in America.

Copywriter and designer of choice for many of today's direct marketing leaders, Dean Rieck is known as the copywriter to call when response matters.

He's president of Direct Creative, a full-service direct marketing creative firm based in beautiful Westerville, Ohio. His powerful copy, smart design, and common sense consultation have made sales, generated leads, and raised funds for over 200 businesses in publishing, financial services, software, high-tech, non-profit, education, health care, and other industries.

Dean has created profitable direct mail, print ads, e-mail, Web sites, TV and radio spots, and marketing materials for a virtual who's who of corporate America, including American Express, Bank One, Bayer, BellSouth, Beltone, Compton's, CompuServe, Discover Magazine, Fortune Magazine, HFC/Beneficial, Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune, National Science Foundation, NCR, New York Fraternal Order of Police, The New York Times, Prentice Hall, Public Broadcasting System, Ross Products, Southern Bell, Sprint, USA TODAY, and many others.

In addition, he's former Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Mid-Ohio Direct Marketing Association, and a past member of direct marketing organizations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Minneapolis, and Detroit.

Dean's name has appeared in Who's Who in Direct Marketing Creative Services, Outstanding Writers of the 20th Century, Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century, Who's Who in the Media and Communications, Strathmore's Who's Who, Who's Who in the Midwest, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World. American Writers & Artists even named Dean their "Copywriting Genius" in August 2007.

Dean wrote the popular Direct Insights column for Direct Marketing Magazine and currently writes the highly acclaimed Creative Checklist column for DM News, arguably the most clipped and photocopied column in the direct marketing industry. His articles and advice have also appeared in Target Marketing, Inside Direct Mail, The Not-For-Profit CEO Monthly Letter, Smart Money, Potentials in Marketing, Business First, Columbus CEO, Strictly Business, Small Business News, Response, Mercadeo Directo, Self-Employed Professional, and on countless Web sites.

Dean has written, edited, and contributed to 22 textbooks, including Professional Selling and Marketing in a Global Economy. He's been a featured speaker at The Direct Marketing Academy, the Fisher College of Business and the Creative Activities Program at The Ohio State University, The Columbus Writer's Conference, CompuServe's PR & Marketing Forum, the McDonough Business Leadership Symposium at Ohio Valley College, and the Fawcette Center for Tomorrow.

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