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Do Your Postcards, Website and Email Campaigns Work in Perfect Harmony?
By Modern Postcard

If you're like most businesses, you're spending more and more money on Internet-based marketing efforts. But without a direct connection to the world of "bricks," sometimes the "clicks" don't add up to more money in your pocket.

Using technology that is now available, you can finally connect your online marketing to your "offline" marketing automatically. This connection includes a seamless integration of VDP direct mail, email, and personalized microsites (pURLs). And have we mentioned that you can track results in real time? Yes, you really can.

Campaigns like this are commonly referred to as cross media marketing. You start by sending a postcard promotion that entices the recipient to enter their unique pURL into a web browser. To reinforce your message, follow up with an email campaign that provides a link to their same pURL - but time it to land a couple of days after the postcard hits their mailbox. (Did you know that you can use USPS mail tracking to identify exactly when a postcard reaches a recipient's mailbox?)

To make things even better and help clinch the deal, recipients will arrive at their pURL microsites and find it fully personalized, including unique messages, offers, and images. This "personalized Microsite" (pURL) can also record their personal preferences, gather their email address (if you don't already have it), and help you market more specifically to them in the future.

Research shows that using personalized, cross media marketing can put four times the money in your pocket, compared to traditional direct mail. Find out how this evolution of direct marketing can work for you.

---Source: Modern Postcard June 2008 issue
















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