How to Effectively Locate and Use WIN ZIP Codes
Takeaway notes from ”Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring” webinar. By Aliza Bornstein, copywriter, Melissa Data

As a business owner in today’s market place, you have to find tools and processes that allow you and your staff to work smart, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible.

This can be achieved through “Win ZIP Codes.” A Win ZIP Code™ is a ZIP Code that you identify as having the highest close rate of the geographic areas your business serves.

Example: You do a little research and discover that the ZIP Code your office is located in has a close rate of 8%, but 50 miles down the road another ZIP Code is closing 35% of the prospects they quote.

Make sure you identify zips that have the largest amount of quotes performed, not just close rates alone. As an example, you would select a ZIP Code that has a 30% close rate with 1,000 quotes performed over a ZIP Code that has a close rate of 80% with only 25 quotes performed.

ZIP Codes can also be used to learn more about your customers. Ask your sales reps to provide you with the most recent quote to close percentages for the ENTIRE STATE.

1. Use a 30% close rate as a standard, but make sure you also look at the total activity in that ZIP Code.

2. Run your customer list against a ZIP Code database to see the big picture.

3. Now that you know more about your customer by identifying your Win Zips, find demographic info (based on census data linked to the ZIP Code). Now you can use this information to profile the characteristics you want to market to and use targeted mailing lists to hone in on your market—saving on postage and production costs, while increasing response rates.

4. Once you acquire this information, identify the ZIP codes that have the highest close rates with the largest amounts of quotes.

5. Win ZIP Codes can be geographically based as well.

Your Win Zips will help you identify customers, make more total sales per month, accumulate a higher response and close rate, and increase your marketing footprint.

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---Source: Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring March 31, 2009 webinar ( Billy Williams is the president and CEO.










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