“So That You Can…”

 By Valerie Kendrick, President, Kendrick Resources LLC

Have you ever found yourself in the position of trying to explain the benefits of a product or service and realized all you could talk about were the features?

I’ve been working on this issue with some clients with a major financial institution. They seem to have an easy time talking about all the features of their free banking services, yet when it comes to helping their customers understand what’s in it for them, they really get stuck. To help them out with this situation I offered up this phrase to be added to the end of their sentences—“so that you can…”

Let me share an example. 

“When you start using your debit card you can then access cash from any ATM, get rewards for every purchase, and not have to carry cash around in your wallet.” (Now these are great features, and what will they do for me?) 

I encourage them to then add the above phrase and now it sounds more like these statements. “When you start using your debit card you can then access cash from any ATM, so that you can more conveniently bank when and where you want, and save time by not having to come to the bank every time you need to withdraw cash or deposit funds. Also, did you realize that by using our debit card you will get reward points so that you can redeem for gift cards and trips so that you can have more fun in your life? We have also found that by carrying less cash in your wallet, so that you can have a greater sense of security by carrying the debit card, which has all the protections of a major credit card.”

Sounds more interesting, doesn’t it?

Always try to answer for your customers the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) question. Let them know why they should care about your products or services. Think about every human’s basic needs.

          Save me money or make me money
          Save me time
          Improve my life
          Show me appreciation
          Allow me to have fun

Make sure your conversations with your customers lead them to understand how you can satisfy one or all of their five basic needs.

I offer this reminder about benefits so that you can get your customers to purchase more of your products and services, which will save you time and make you money!

---Source: Valerie Kendrick is the president of Kendrick Resources LLC, specializing in communications skills training. She has been called the “Grammar Guru” because of her passion to help the business person communicate more effectively. Valerie can be reached at or by phone at 303-552-7349.

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