Melissa Data’s Fast and Free LookUps Provide Instant Answers for Mailers
 By Aliza Bornstein, Marketing Specialist, Melissa Data

Have you ever needed an address or phone number and found yourself thinking…”I’ll just Google it?”

Of course you have! And, Google is a great tool for that. But, where do you go when all your really want to know is “Do I have the right ZIP Code for this address?” or “What city do you suppose that phone call just came in from?”

Sure, there’s Google, and Yahoo!, and However, when you get a million possible sites returned for your one simple query, it’s not only overwhelming; it sometimes doesn’t even provide the answer you are looking for. So much for simplifying, right?

Free LookUps – Delivering What the Big Sites Can’t
The alternative to “looking for a needle in the haystack” using general search engines like Google and Yahoo! is Melissa Data’s Free LookUps. It’s a collection of 30-plus databases located in one easy-to-use website for your convenience. It’s the ideal place to search for the most relevant industry information to help you work a little more efficiently as a business mailer, direct marketer, parcel shipper, or database manager.

Here you can “Look up” detailed information on an address, phone, or ZIP; get statistics, demographics, geographics, weather; find nonprofits, business codes, school information, crime reports; and more. The LookUps include both proprietary files and public records—maintained and updated on a regular basis, from daily to monthly, depending on the type and source.

Melissa Data Lookups—A Top 10 Search Engine identified the Melissa Data Lookups site as one of the top “specialized search sites that will help you find the business information you need—fast. There are so many free search options it may become a favorite on your bookmarks."

Address Verification and Beyond
Here’s a perfect example of how to use the LookUps. All you can decipher on an address is: 22382 emprisa, 92688.

First, you can use the Address LookUp to get the address corrected and verified. But, that’s not all! What if you wanted to add demographic or geographic information to the address so you can target this contact, or neighborhood, more effectively? The Address LookUp returns all of this data for the incomplete address 22382 emprisa, 92688:

PLUS…a listing of all companies at that address.

PLUS….additional search links just in case you’re still not positive about the address you entered or, your curiosity just got the better of you!

Pretty nifty, right?

Is it any surprise the Free LookUps have over 500,000 registered users—with over 70,000 unique visitors a day?

To learn more about Melissa Data’s Free LookUps visit 

About Melissa Data
Melissa Data is a leading provider of direct marketing, data quality, and data enrichment solutions. Melissa Data offers services for address verification and postal presorting, NCOALink® change-of-address processing, data appending, and a comprehensive line of mailing lists and email lists. For 25 years, Melissa Data has helped companies like the Toyota, Northrop Grumman, AAA, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and the Atlanta Braves validate and enhance contact data, drive ROI, and improve overall business communications.

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