6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a YouTube Partner Channel
 By Thomas Beatty, senior SEO analyst & video optimization specialist, BusinessOnLine

When I started working with video optimization and YouTube, my curiosity about “added channel features,” such as CSS design, caused me to seek out options for branding channels. Initially, I tried to figure out why some YouTube channels had big banners at the top, while others did not. After doing some research, I discovered that YouTube channels can be branded by applying for the YouTube Partnership Program.

Although there really is no magic formula to be accepted to the Partnership Program, YouTube does take into consideration the number of views your videos get, the number of subscribers and friends your channel has, the amount of videos you have on your channel, and how often you post new videos. YouTube states that if you apply to the Partnership Program and you do not get accepted, you will have to wait three months to re-apply, so before applying for the Partnership Program, I suggest that you wait until you:

     • Have plenty of videos, subscribers, and friends;
     • Have lots of channel views;
     • Are posting new videos as often as possible.

The process can be slow, but once you are accepted into the Partnership Program it opens up some really cool features and branding options, not available through standard YouTube channel membership. Companies should definitely consider this program if videos are part of their marketing mix.

Here are the top six reasons why your brand should consider taking advantage of a YouTube Partner channel.

1) Increased Revenue – Brands can generate income by ad revenue sharing for “in- video” ads and other ads. These ads are placed along the right-hand side of the video, and they work in conjunction with a Google AdSense account (Google manages payment). Revenue can also be generated via leads and conversions that come in through your quality branded channel. Quality content drives traffic, and high-traffic volume can lead to the increased likelihood of onsite conversions—especially if the content you’ve provided is of value and solves a problem. Lastly, depending on your product, industry, and service offering, you can also rent your videos.

2) Brand Awareness – You can add a customized banner at the top of your channel’s homepage. The maximum dimensions for this banner are 960 pixels by 150 pixels. You can also link from this banner with image maps to your Facebook, Twitter, or even your website. This drives traffic and increases brand presence across other social media channels.

3) Customized Branding – You can add a customized side column image above the “connect with” box. The maximum dimensions for this image are 300 pixels by 250 pixels. You can add links with image maps here as well.

4) YouTube “Watch Page” Branding (not on your channel page) – You can upload a small banner of your brand that will be displayed at the upper left corner of the watch page on all of your video pages. This banner will replace the textual channel name and will link back automatically to your YouTube channel. The maximum dimensions for this banner are 25 pixels by 170 pixels.

5) Google Analytics Integration – You can connect your Google Analytics account ID to track visitors, page views, traffic, and all the regular things that come with Google Analytics. The insights gained from understanding how users are engaging your content is extremely valuable, and can help dictate your content development efforts and marketing programs.

6) Consistent Messaging – Branded YouTube Channels also provide users with a consistent brand experience across social media channels and Web properties, because imaging, messaging, logos, and color harmonies are correlated, thus imprinting the brand’s identity in the users’ minds.

Having a “branded” YouTube channel opens up a lot of opportunities for organizations and helps differentiate your brand from many other channels. Apply for the YouTube Partnership Program to have access to these great options and features—and, you never know, you may be the next YouTube star.

Happy Tubing!

---Source: Thomas Beatty is a senior SEO analyst and video optimization specialist at BusinessOnLine, a pioneer in the interactive marketing space with a 14-year track record of successfully leveraging the interconnectedness of the Internet to help companies grow their digital presence. Follow Thomas on Twitter @redmellon70 and LinkedIn, or email him at

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