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May 2015

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Calling All Bloggers!

Persoantor Goes CanadianHey MVPs! We have an opportunity for our MVPs to create blog posts detailing issues in and around data quality. Your entries can be featured in several industry publications such as the SQL Server World User Group (, SQL Server Pro, and our own Data Quality Authority Blog. It’s great exposure for you. Let me know if you’re interested in this opportunity. Email me at:

Personator Goes Canadian!

Joseph Vertido, MVP Channel ManagerNow you can use the power of Personator – Melissa Data’s flagship data quality service – to verify, clean, update, and enrich Canadian (as well as U.S.) contact data to prevent fraud, authenticate identity, and reduce costs associated with inaccurate data – as we’ve recently added Canadian data to our services.

You can utilize Personator in the platform of your choice – in the Cloud, as a Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) component, or through Pentaho.

Personator also has significant enhanced capabilities including:

1) Verify: Determine whether the Address, Name, Phone and Email are associated with each other.

2) Append: Populate the Address, Name, Phone, or Email that is either missing or incorrect.

3) Move: Obtain the latest address for a person for historical addresses up to 12 years in the past!

All of these features have been available for the U.S. for over the past year and has been made possible through the consolidation of a multitude of massive data sources. But we are proud to say that we have finally expanded these capabilities to Canada as well!

This includes all of the features of Personator including Contact Data Cleansing, Verification, Append, and Move, for your Canadian Records.

I highly recommend trying out the service for yourself, if you have not. Only then can you experience the power and magnitude of the Personator data.

As a member of the Melissa Data MVP Network, I can activate the service for you at no cost! Please feel free to email me at:

Up next in our list is the expansion of Personator to U.K. and Brazil. So look forward to that before the end of the year!

Webinars – Expand Your Data Quality Know-How

How to Roll Your Own Value, RegEx and Soundex Pattern Profiler in SSIS

How to Roll Your Own Value, RegEx, and Soundex Pattern Profiler in SSIS
Data profiling is the foundation for successfully implementing a comprehensive data quality regimen. Data profiling recognizes patterns in your data, which plays an essential role in validating your data. In this free webinar, we’ve partnered with MSSQLTips to demonstrate how to leverage Value and RegEx pattern profiling to expose formatting problems to different data types, improve the detection of duplicates through SoundEx patterns, and how to apply them in your data validation procedures. Also, find out how to roll your own Value, RegEx and SoundEx script component for generating pattern values in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Webinar airs June 2, 2015 at 3pm EST.

Register now!.

SSIS Expert Series: End-to-End Contact Data Quality

SSIS Expert Series Webinar On-Demand: End-to-End Contact Data Quality
Learn about the aspects of contact data cleansing using Data Quality Components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) during a demonstration webinar. Our data quality analyst Joseph Vertido will cover profiling, parsing, standardizing, verifying, deduping, and much more. You’ll discover how to achieve clean, consistent, and accurate records to improve business intelligence, master data management, and data integration.

To view this on-demand video click here.

MVP Spotlight

Introducing our newest MVP, Ian Smith.

Ian Smith, Melissa Data MVP Name: Ian Smith
Company: SyncraTec Solutions, LLC USA
City: Philadelphia Country: U.S.A.
Title: Owner/President

Ian is a veteran I.T. professional with a multitude of skills and strong business acumen. An MBA with an engineering background, Ian spent 10 years implementing J.D. Edwards enterprise software prior to starting up a Microsoft Partner consulting practice. Ian has worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.2 (in 2004) and was involved in many CRM implementations and upgrades for companies large and small. He’s an expert in Microsoft Dynamics CRM data migration work.

Ian is also a Scribe-certified consultant and is familiar with all of the data tools to push and pull data from / to CRM, including CRM Online. These skills include strong T-SQL scripting tools, database operations, and SSIS to name a few.

He’s also a Microsoft Dynamics CRM certified consultant and has accomplished numerous CRM implementations across a variety of industry verticals encompassing most all of the Dynamics CRM functionality including sales, marketing, and customer service case management. Ian has the ability to quickly understand existing business processes and problems and the capacity to envision solutions utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality.

To find out more about other MVPs, go to:

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