Feature Article

Improve Customer Retention with Melissa Data Solutions

By Sam Chung
DQT Engineer

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. One of the most important aspects of CRM is to compile information regarding the customers in order to improve the relationships and focus on customer retention. Information regarding the customer’s name, address, email, phone numbers, and other contact elements can help sales representatives reach the customer as well as understand customer demographic context.

CRM applications can be used by sales representatives as effective tools in managing customer relationships in one central location. They aid sales representatives in storing all the necessary contact information digitally without being accidentally discarded. CRM applications exist to simply facilitate sales.

Though the aim of the applications may be simple, CRM applications receive a laughable reputation regarding their use among sales representatives. Most companies advertise that their software represents the one solution that will solve all sales representatives’ problems.

Microsoft® Dynamics CRM & Melissa Data Personator®

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an application that offers a simple solution that supports multiple common business applications, such as Microsoft Outlook®. Its intuitive user interface allows users to create account, contact, and other entities that store information easily. The challenge that remains is that it does not provide additional information regarding each customer. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows developers to import customized plugins and solutions.

Melissa Data offers the Cloud service— Personator— that allows users to input basic contact information, such as an address, and output a plethora of other fields. The Personator plugin for Dynamics CRM is now available. In addition, Melissa Data is developing the BusinessCoder Cloud service (for Personator) that will return detailed business firmographics such as sales volume estimates, employee numbers, and at least 25 other return fields.

Melissa Data BusinessCoder Cloud Service

Sales and customer service reps deal with both individual customers as well as representatives of a large business. Though sales involving individual customers are important, sales that involve businesses are usually more lucrative. Information regarding the contact of that business is important, but broader, specific information regarding the business itself is also important. While some entities within Dynamics CRM already support StockTicker field, that’s one of the fields that BusinessCoder returns.

Melissa Data’s BusinessCoder Cloud service, working in tandem with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helps facilitate customer retention with businesses. With complete contact data of the individual and company firmographics stored in one location/database, a sales representative can more efficiently cater to each customer’s needs and have access to important business firmographics.