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Essential Tools for Mailing, List Hygiene, Emails, Telemarketing, Appends & Cleansing

Make Your Direct Marketing Pay Off

Whether you’re marketing is direct mail, email, telemarketing, or a ominchannel campaign, keep contacts clean, updated, and accurate. Your direct marketing campaigns are worth the little time and minimal investment it takes to clean, standardize, match, add new addresses, and find the best mailing list that delivers your message to the correct customer.

You want customers and prospects to take action. That’s why you need to rely on contact data quality in your database for improved communications and cost effective direct marketing strategies that you only get with clean data. Attention to detail helps you reach your target market. Ensure you get customers to your visit website, to walk into your store, to place an order, or to ask for more information

Benefits of Melissa Data’s Direct Marketing Tools:

  • See increased response rates with accurate data
  • Reach the best target market with the right tools for mailing, emails & phone
  • Generate sales and more leads with clean, enhanced data
  • Profit from cost effective ways to increase brand awareness
  • Save money by reduced mailing costs on undeliverable mail
  • Increase response rates with personalized mailings
  • Take advantage of no sales tax on downloaded mailing lists

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Try Our Direct Marketing Tools with a Free Trial:

Data Enhancement Services Data Enhancement Services—Reach More Customers
Add & enhance database with U.S. & global consumer and business emails, phones, addresses, names, demographics & lifestyle information, reverse appends & more for accurate records.
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Matching & Deduplication Matching & Deduplication—Best Customer View
Achieve a single, correct view of customers by quickly merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones in real time at point-of-entry.
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Change of Address Processing Change of Address Processing—Increase Deliverability
Reduce postage costs with up-to-date addresses. As a NCOALink® Full Service Provider licensee of the USPS®, we keep your records current.
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Listware Listware®-Complete Your Database
Cleanse & enrich names/addresses/emails/phones & add demographic & property info. Excel®, Salesforce®, and Cloud.
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Change of Address Processing Mailers+ 4—Direct Mail Savings
Increase mail deliverability, reduce waste, and get real-time USPS® NCOALink®move-update processing for U.S. & Canada Post NCOA® and more.
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Mailing Lists—More Leads & Sales Mailing Lists—More Leads & Sales
Capture the buying power of a full spectrum of list products for Business, Consumer, Saturation/Occupant, hard-to-find specialty lists, and more—at affordable prices.
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