Geocoding: Acquiring Location Intelligence to Make Better Business Decisions

In a tight economy, the need for making sound business decisions while finding efficiencies is crucial. That’s why more companies in a wide range of industries are looking to add location intelligence to their data to gain better insight into critical decisions.

Just about any industry sector can benefit from location intelligence. Financial, insurance, retail, communications, even governmental agencies can plot the exact longitude and latitude of a particular location of interest to determine tax jurisdiction, fire, school, police districts, optimize routing, like deliveries or emergency response; and even append Census demographics for customer profiling and effective target marketing.

Location intelligence is based on first translating a postal address into latitude and longitude coordinates – a valid address and precise geocoding algorithms are necessary to build location intelligence that is accurate and meaningful.

What is Accurate Enough for Geocoding?
 • ZIP Code™ Geocoding
ZIP+4 Geocoding
Doorstop Geocoding

What is Cascade Geocoding?

Point A to Point B: Different Geocoding Approaches
 • Geocoding as Marketing Tool
 • Geocoding in Spatial Analysis
    - Store Locator
    - Tax Jurisdiction and Insurance

 • Geocoding as Routing Tool
 • Geocoding as Mapping Application
    - Local Search
    - Crime Mapping

Geocoding & Location Intelligence: Final Word