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U.S. & Global Geocoding Solutions

Rooftop geocoding provides highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates US and Canadian Addresses US and Canadian Addresses

Melissa Data’s Global Geocoding solutions assign precise latitude and longitude coordinates to international, U.S., and Canadian addresses for a better understanding of your customers and prospects based on location. Rooftop geocoding enables better informed decisions for market segmentation, sales clustering, logistics, store locator lookup applications, risk exposure, tax jurisdictions, and more.

Our geocoding solutions incorporate spatial data from multiple data sources, a process called conflation, to deliver the most accurate rooftop (or delivery point) geocoding available. Geocoding is available as a programming API, hosted web solution, or via batch processing through our data service bureau. Request a free trial here!

Benefits Features

Sample Input Sample Output
22382 Empresa
RSM, CA 92688-2112
Lat: 33.637943
Long: -117.607721
Census Tract: 032053
Census Block: 1005
Status: Verified
County Name: Orange
FIPS Code: 06059

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Global Geocoding 
Rooftop geocoding available for 40 countries.
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Geocoder Object® with GeoPoints  US and Canadian Addresses + US and Canadian Addresses
Rooftop geocoding available in a multiplatform programming API for international, U.S., and Canada (optional) postal codes.
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Personator  US and Canadian Addresses + US and Canadian Addresses
Assign lat/long coordinates using the cloud hosted solution for 11-digit U.S., and 6-digit Canadian postal codes.
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Listware® for Excel + +
A free add-in that cleans and enriches your customers' address data in Excel. Simply open your spreadsheet, click the Listware tab, select the records to process, and start cleaning your list.
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Batch Processing
Submit your files in any format for geocoding.
>>Upload your file
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Data Quality Components for SQL Server  US and Canadian Addresses + US and Canadian Addresses +
Custom data cleansing transformation components for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). >>Activate free trial | Learn More

Contact Zone  US and Canadian Addresses + US and Canadian Addresses +
Data quality hub application to integrate and cleanse customer data without manual coding.
>>Activate free trial | Learn More
New! International Geocoding

Improve your organization's location intelligence with international geocoding from Melissa Data. Business leaders can more accurately formulate strategies when they have access to correct international location data. Our coverage consists of over 40+ countries and territories and includes up to 5 GeoCode Levels.

International geocoding solutions will help your business:
  • Make better decisions by linking information to crucial business data
  • Map your global data and improve marketing efforts
  • Plot customer location and improve integrated support logistics and service

Melissa Data's Global Address Levels of Verification (AV)

Verification Level:
  • 0 - Country
  • 2 - Locality
  • 3 - Thoroughfare
  • 4 - Premises
  • 5 - Delivery Point
GeoCode Level:
  • 2 - Locality
  • 3 - Thoroughfare
  • 4 – Interpolated Rooftop
  • 5 – Rooftop

GeoCoder with GeoPoints
GeoCoder incorporates multisourced GeoPoints technology to offer unparalleled geolocation information on 95 percent of U.S. addresses for improved rooftop accuracy.

Geopoints assigns precise latitude and longitude coordinates based on the 11-digit (ZIP+4+2) delivery point of more than 121,827,000 addresses (95% of all addresses) in the U.S.

It is recommended that prior to geocoding, you verify addresses and append ZIP + 4 codes using Address Object. Address Object validates addresses to the actual point of delivery (DPV®), and also appends the delivery point – enabling the precise 11-digit geocoding available with GeoPoints.

Increase Response Rates and ROI
GeoCoder Object enables you to develop strategic marketing campaigns based on the known consumer traits of the contacts in your database. Link track and block numbers to Census Bureau demographics for a closer look at your best market, and seize the competitive edge in an aggressive marketplace.

  • Profile your best customers for common traits
  • Fine tune geo-targeting efforts for greatest response
  • Pinpoint customer locations and clusters

Define Sales and Marketing Territories
Using the geographic data appended with GeoCoder and your mapping applications, you can segment your sales and marketing initiatives and establish boundaries by carrier route, ZIP™, city, and county. You’ll also get time zones, MSAs, and FIPS codes to help map out specific territories and travel routes.

New! Canadian Geocoding
With a 6-digit Canadian Postal Code, GeoCoder Object will return:

  • Time Zone
  • Latitude and Longitude of the Postal Code centroid

CBSA Properties
CBSA Properties give you the Metropolitan and Micropolitan statistical areas. "Core Based Statistical Area" (CBSA) is a collective term for both metro and micro areas. A metro contains a core urban area of 50,000 or more population, and a micro area contains an urban core of at least 10,000 (but less than 50,000) population. Each metro or micro area consists of one or more counties and includes the counties containing the core urban area, as well as any adjacent counties that have a high degree of social and economic integration (as measured by commuting to work) with the urban core.

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