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Everything Phones LookUp

Search for and verify an area code/prefix for any phone number, get location information of a phone number including city, county, state, ZIP Code, time zone, and demographics.

This amazing service verifies, correctes and appends names, addresses, phones & emails. Enter an address and it displays associted name, phone & geocode. Or enter a phone number to get the name, address and email.

Phone / City / ZIP
Get geographic and demographic info related to a
phone number.

Reverse Phone (Subscribers only)
Get the name and address to a phone number.

Phones in ZIP + 4  (Subscribers only)
Get names, businesses, addresses, and phones in a ZIP + 4 Code.

Area Codes in a Radius
Get Area Code/Prefix combinations in a radius of a phone number.

Verify and Add Phone Data 24/7
Access more than 120 million res/bus phone numbers.

Phone Location Information LookUps

Founded in 1985, Melissa Data specializes in data quality solutions. We offer software programs, developer tools, reference data, and services to clean, correct, verify, and enrich your contact data for target marketing, CRM and direct mail applications.

Software Programs
  • Listware verifies, corrects & updates addresses, phones & emails. It appends missing emails & phones and updates addresses of movers.
  • Data Quality Components for SQL Server
  • Contact Zone offers a graphical solution to Data Quality.

Professional Services
Data Quality Tools
Reference Data
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