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ZIP Code LookUps & Solutions

Zip Code LookUps

Find everything you could ever want to know about Postal & ZIP Codes in any city in the United States, including geographics and statistics.

ZIP Code LookUps
Get the 5-digit ZIP for any city, area codes, location info and demographics.

ZIP Codes by City
Get geographic and demographic data related to a ZIP, City, or Phone.

ZIP Codes by County
Get a list of ZIP Codes within a county.

ZIP Codes in a Radius
Get a list of the ZIPs in a radius of a ZIP Code center.

ZIP Codes Map
Display a ZIP Code boundary overlaid on a map.

Street Names within ZIP Code
Find any address nationwide by a street name.

House Numbers within ZIP Code
Find matching or possible house/building numbers in a ZIP Code.

ZIP, City, Phone
Get geographic and demographic data related to a ZIP, City, or Phone.

More Lookups
Even more Lookups for Counties, Maps, SIC Codes, Crime, Schools, Nonprofits & more.

Phone Location Information LookUps

Founded in 1985, Melissa Data specializes in data quality solutions. We offer software programs, developer tools, reference data, and services to clean, correct, verify, and enrich your contact data for target marketing, CRM and direct mail applications.

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