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Postal Code LookUps & Solutions

Zip Code LookUps
Enter an address and get the Name, Phone & Email of the resident or owner.

Nationwide People Finder
Seach by Name, Address, Phone or Email.

ZIP Code Lookup
Get the 5-digit ZIP for any city, area code, location info and demographics.

Street Names in a ZIP Code
Search for a street name in a ZIP Code.

House Numbers in a ZIP Code
Search for a house or building number in a ZIP Code.

ZIP, City, Phone
Get geographic and demographic data related to a ZIP, City, or Phone.

ZIP Codes Map
Display a ZIP Code boundary overlaid on a map.

ZIP Codes in a City
Get geographic and demographic data related to a ZIP, City, or Phone.

Climate Averages by ZIP Code
High, Low, Rain Fall, Heating & Cooling Degree Days by ZIP Code.

More Lookups
Even more Lookups for Counties, Maps, SIC Codes, Schools, Nonprofits & more.

Phone Location Information LookUps

Melissa Data specializes in data quality solutions for Name, Address, Phone & Email.

Software Programs
  • Listware verifies, corrects & updates addresses, phones & emails. It appends missing emails & phones and updates addresses of movers.
  • Data Quality Components for SQL Server.
  • Contact Zone offers a graphical solution to Data Quality.
  • Mailers Online postal automation software saves on postage. CASS & PAVE certified.

Data Quality Tools
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