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This Lookup displays the number of fatal vehicle accidents by state and county. Detailed information on the accident shows accident date, location, number of vehicles and persons involved, number of deaths, speed limit, and case number. The case report elaborates on the details of the accident.

Fatal Vehicle Accidents 2009
for Counties in West Virginia
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CountPopulationAccidents per
100,000 Population
Barbour County315,55719.3
Berkeley County1375,90517.1
Boone County1225,53547.0
Braxton County514,70234.0
Cabell County1696,78416.5
Calhoun County17,58213.2
Clay County110,3309.7
Doddridge County17,40313.5
Fayette County947,57918.9
Gilmer County37,16041.9
Grant County411,29935.4
Greenbrier County934,45326.1
Hampshire County420,20319.8
Hancock County432,66712.2
Hardy County812,66963.1
Harrison County1168,65216.0
Jackson County828,00028.6
Jefferson County742,19016.6
Kanawha County24200,07312.0
Lewis County716,91941.4
Lincoln County422,10818.1
Logan County737,71018.6
McDowell County727,32925.6
Marion County1056,59817.7
Marshall County335,5198.4
Mason County925,95734.7
Mercer County1262,98019.1
Mineral County427,07814.8
Mingo County528,25317.7
Monongalia County1281,86614.7
Monroe County314,58320.6
Morgan County314,94320.1
Nicholas County626,56222.6
Ohio County247,4274.2
Pendleton County18,19612.2
Pleasants County17,51413.3
Pocahontas County19,13111.0
Preston County429,33413.6
Putnam County1051,58919.4
Raleigh County1779,22021.5
Randolph County628,26221.2
Ritchie County210,34319.3
Roane County215,44612.9
Summers County512,99938.5
Taylor County416,08924.9
Tucker County17,32113.7
Tyler County29,59220.9
Upshur County723,40429.9
Wayne County1042,90323.3
Wetzel County317,69317.0
Wirt County15,87317.0
Wood County487,9864.5
Wyoming County625,70823.3
State Total3241,773,17818.3

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